The Odyssey Similar to “O Brother where Art Thou “

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 The book odyssey and the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou” are very similar. As you read the book, and then watch the movie,you find out it is kind of the same layout. They both have the same end goals. They both face some similar problems. And the two main characters a very similar. Odysseus and Everett have a lot in common. Everett, from o brother where art thou,is a sharp leader. Odysseus is as well a sharp leader to his men. They both led there men through hard times,and ended up getting through it. Even though some of odysseus men died along the way. The end goal, for both Odysseus and Everett, is to be with their families. And along there ways they both seem to encounter some alike events. Odysseus is put to the test by his wife Penelope, to prove that he is the real odysseus. He has to try and move a bed. Only the real odysseus knows, that you can’t move the bed because, it is built into a tree. Everett is told by his ex wife Penny that if he wants to marry her again he needs to get a ring. But the ring is far away in a cabin. So they both get challenged. Both Odysseus and Everett are very persuasive.

Odysseus persuaded the cyclops to believe that his name is nothing. Everett persuades his men that there is a treasure and gets them to break out of prison with him. He was forced to they were chained together. But His real goal for breaking out of prison was to stop his ex wife from marrying another guy. They both fight with their tongues and not there fists. Which means they can get people do things without using their fists. They are both very alike. As you watch the movie, and read the book, you will realize not just are the two main characters alike, so are both of their journeys. In the beginning of the movie, a guy with no name who was blind prophesied there future. In the odyssey, they were In the land of the dead and guy named tiresias prophesied the future for odysseus and his men. Delmar and Pete always do what Everett says in the movie. Pete ends up going back to jail, because of Everett. Odysseus men always go along with everything he says as well. Some of them end up dying because they did everything he said. The baptizing scene of the movie, Pete and Delmar get baptized and Everett does not. They get really happy and think all of their sins are washed away. In the Odysseus, part of his crew eats the lotus,and gets very happy. They forget about the main task. And odysseus does not eat and lotus. In the movie, they meet three girls in the river singing a song, luring people in.Who drug them and take pete. In the book, the sirens which were bad creatures, lured in passing by sailors with their music.

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Odysseus’s men had their ears full of wax, so that they could not hear the sirens, but Odysseus wanted to hear the sirens, because he thought it followed circe’s advice. In the movie, big Dan T has one eye, and killed their friend and attacked them. In the book, the cyclops have one eye, and kills crew members and attacks the entire crew. In the movie George Nelson, who robs banks and kills cows, picks up Everett, Pete, and Delmar. They end up helping George rob a bank. Later George is sentenced to death by the electric chair. In the book, some of odysseus crew steal cows, eat them and later get killed by zeus lightning bolt.

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