The Main Reasons of Suffer from Stress

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Updated: May 29, 2021
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Recent studies show most Americans suffer from stress in the United States. Adult International Statistics state that 60% of Americans suffer from stress. One of the main reasons stress has increased over the years is due to poverty. In addition, adolescent parents are at higher risk of stress, than older parents. Lastly, the majority of people who stress are college students.

Additionally, due to poverty people are not able to live a normal life without worries. Poverty has led many Americans to feel helplessness because of many financial circumstances that produce stress. Studies show some Americans who are below the poverty line are between the ages of 20 and 40. Many of these adults struggle with their minimum wage jobs, while having to stress over if they will have enough for food and bills. United States Low Income studies show 25 percent of adults who work live in poverty. Moreover, poverty also effects children. For example, not being able to afford materials, due to the cause of the circumstances of the parents. Reports show that 50% of students in the United States live in poor low income neighborhoods. Due to these obstacles children are not able to have the knowledge of other students who live in high class neighborhoods. It has been proven that 30 percent of teachers who work in low income schools are not fully educated to teach. Therefore, adults and their children stress because of the obstacles that come with poverty.

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Furthermore, parental stress tends to be higher in women who have children at a young age. Researchers found that teen mothers who are in their early 20’s tend to experience depression at a higher rate than older women. Most of all, teen mothers stress over having to find childcare for their children. According to research most women pay 15 percent out their pocket for childcare. Many young adolescent mothers experience stress because they are having to adjust to the new lifestyle of motherhood. While some of these teen mothers planned their pregnancies, a majority of them do not. Unfortunately, about 15 percent of these unintended pregnancies are unwanted by the fathers and often result in stress when having to change their lifestyle in ways they do not expect. In addition, to adapting to a new lifestyle, teen mothers suffer from stress while attempting to balance school and their personal life. For example, teen mothers struggle with sleepless nights by cause of having to stay up all night with their children. Research show only 35 percent of adolescent parent’s finish high school. Fewer than 3 percent finish college at the age of 40. Ultimately, teen pregnancy leads parents to stress and gain obstruction to life in general.

Lastly, stress in college is one of the major difficulties students face in their everyday lifestyle. According to the Documentary College and stress, 50 percent of students who seek counseling is because of stress. One of the most common reasons students stress is due to lack of sleep. While trying to finish essays and study for a test, they tend to stay up for several hours. Surveys show up to 70% of all college students who suffer from poor sleep quality gain stress because they have obtained insomnia. Another reason why college students stress is due to having to work and go to school. Many students struggle through college worrying about if they will have enough to pay off their school bills. A new report determined that 61 percent of the nation’s 18.5 million undergraduates worked in 2018. Which resulted for students grades to drop causing them to fail because of not having time to study.

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