The Last Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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It is very clear to see that the last pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra, was different from the other past pharaohs that ruled before her. Not in terms of her supposed beauty or the attractions she had on people, but her distinctive intelligence and accomplishments during her time as pharaoh.

Her impact on society was big and strong enough for her to still be relevant today and remembered in present day. When people think of Cleopatra, most tend to lack on these aspects of her and instead focus on her physical features.

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Cleopatra had a rather different education than the other pharaohs. Her and all her siblings were ensured a well education in case any were brought to be pharaoh in the future. But even out of her siblings did Cleopatra stand out. She had a quick mind and was able to grasp topics easily. Her knowledge went further than just knowing how to read and write and politics which was already rare for women to know.

Because of her quick mind, Cleopatra knew nine languages including Egyptian. Unlike other Egyptian pharaohs who didn’t even know the language, Cleopatra did not want to rely on interpreters. She instead learned the language which comes to show the independent woman she was. Moreover, Cleopatra also specialized in astronomy, physics, art, literature, music, medicine and alchemy, that goes beyond than the knowledge of the woman at that time period knew. According to the website,, it states, “although he spoiled his children to the utmost of his ability, he also believed that education was very important; therefore, he ensured that each child had his/her own tutors”.

This demonstrates Cleopatra taking advantage of her luxury of having a personal tutor and did not limit her education to politics and religion like most pharaohs usually did. She instead learned over the set up limitations and applied this useful information to become a successful leader. This however is not the only thing that differed Cleopatra from the other gods. Gender is a obvious differentiation from Cleopatra and the other pharaohs. A great number of the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs were male making it an only estimated seven female pharaohs. At this time period, women were respected and equal to men in every area except for occupations.

Men had higher occupations such as scribes, priests and merchants whilst women would stay home and be housewives. Because of this, the position of pharaoh was almost always handed down to the male son or the male following the current pharaoh. As for Cleopatra who had two male siblings and a rumored three sisters, she was the one who managed to get the throne and soon rule by herself. Considering there were so little female pharaohs, it must have not been easy for a woman to become one.

As a result of believing women should be housewives, people probably did not accept or even expect much from a female in a higher position nevertheless a pharaoh. But Cleopatra’s case was different, she gained the trust and respect of the citizens and made them willingly worship her. This is visible through the multiple coins that have Cleopatra’s face precisely printed on it. The making of the coins undoubtedly took patience and time, which comes to show that the citizens really did respect and honor Cleopatra.

Furthermore, as several photographs show, Cleopatra embraced her being a female pharaoh by wearing flashy jewelry and lots of jewels. This demonstrates how Cleopatra did not try to hide the fact that she was a woman but instead let it made known with her statement jewelry that most likely caught the attention of the public. Other women pharaohs had the custom of adapting male features such as broad shoulders to appeal more masculine and gain more respect in society since they were not seen as equal as to men in power. But Cleopatra took pride in being a woman and did not try to hide the fact that she was one.

The accomplishments of Cleopatra during her time as queen is part of what makes her so memorable. Especially since some did not think that she would get very far as pharaoh. In the text from, Rehabilitating Cleopatra by Stacey Schiff , it states,”long after we remember what she accomplished in doing so; that she sustained a vast, rich, densely populated empire in its troubled twilight.” This exhibits how Cleopatra somehow managed to keep in tact an entire empire during its darkest, dullest hours and above that make it succeed and prosper.

She stayed persistent throughout all odds against her and continued to lead her empire into the light and create a striving empire that is fastly growing and improving. Moreover, in the text Cleopatra VII, it exhibits, ” eventually Cleopatra fled to Syria, where she assembled an army to defeat her rival in order to declare the throne for herself. In 48, she returned to Egypt with her military might and faced her brother at Pelusium”. This shows how at such a young age, Cleopatra was taking leadership and going into war to win over the throne and be the only leader of Egypt in which she succeeded in doing so. She constructed a powerful, strong army that later led for her to become queen.

All in all, these topics make Cleopatra very unique and different. As shown, she was a very intelligent woman that many people lack on contemplating about. Cleopatra’s education, gender, and accomplishments make her visible and known out of all the other sea of pharaohs. She had a special, long-lasting change on the world that continues to affect people today in positive ways. Ways that may give people today confidence in order to prosper when thinking about the obstacles that Cleopatra had to face and overcome to become this historic woman figure. Not all pharaohs had this type of change on the world or a such a lasting impact that continues to keep them recognized today.

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