The Inspiring Journey of Ron Clark: a Teacher who Believed in his Students

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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The movie Ron Clark is based on the real-life story of Professor Ron Clark. He was an educator, committed to his students, who left his hometown to teach in a New York City public school. Labelling himself an idealist, Mr. Clark had strong beliefs about how his young students should be educated for a better future and lifestyle. However, he faced numerous challenges because his students were reputed to be the worst in the school and were consistently at the bottom in exams compared to other classes.

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Mr. Clark trusted in the academic and personal abilities of his students, even though he knew they initially did not like him. However, he remained patient and employed various methods to gain their respect. Eager to help his students, he devoted a great deal of effort to developing creative methods to engage them in learning and studying for the state exams. He consistently supported and motivated his students to achieve their goals, encouraging them to believe in one another and more importantly, in themselves. Mr. Clark exhibited his dedication by continuously inspiring his students to have faith in their abilities and dare to dream big. Over his teaching journey, he learned that to effectively teach, he needed to understand each student’s background and personal life, rather than rely solely on traditional education methods. Most of his students suffered from family issues and led challenging lives compared to average students. His approach to his students involved setting up classroom principles promoting unity, self-confidence, and mutual respect–‘we are family’, ‘we can do it’, or ‘we respect each other.’ These rules fostered a deep emotional bond between him and his students, making them trust and confide in him over time.

Mr. Clark demonstrated compassion for one of his students when he visited her apartment to ensure she was doing her homework. He was shocked to find she was taking care of her younger siblings at home because her mother was preoccupied with work. Concerned about her lack of study time, Mr. Clark decided to help with her domestic duties, allowing her sufficient time to study. He also showed considerable patience dealing with his students’ disruptive behaviour, gradually earning their respect. He never hesitated to sacrifice his time and energy for his students’ welfare. Noticing one particularly despondent student, he made efforts to understand the boy’s problem, eventually discovering that the student was involved with a street gang. He then made it his mission to help the boy find an escape from such adverse circumstances. His students harboured immense love for him due to his inventive teaching, hard work, and most importantly, his genuine care for them. Over the course of the year, his unwavering determination prompted his students to believe in their academic abilities and realize their potential. Following the state exam, they rewarded his faith by scoring higher and even qualifying for the honors class. Mr. Clark’s efforts not only boosted his students’ confidence, but also instilled them with the conviction to navigate their lives courageously and self-sufficiently.

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