The Gilded Age and Progressive Era

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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The Gilded Age and Progressive Era

This essay will examine the Gilded Age and Progressive Era in American history, highlighting the economic, social, and political changes during these periods. It will explore the contrasts between the opulence of the Gilded Age and the reform movements of the Progressive Era, including labor rights, women’s suffrage, and antitrust legislation. The essay aims to offer a nuanced understanding of how these eras shaped modern American society and their lasting impacts on the country’s political and economic landscape. At PapersOwl, you’ll also come across free essay samples that pertain to Gilded Age.

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There were multiple problems that were caused by the gilded age, there was poverty, some people became wealthier , unhealthy food was produced and so many more. There were many problems emerging and the nation seemed to be getting destroyed. Workers were seeking a political war against the capitalist and the political conservatives for many years but because of that near the end of the 19th century a generation of middle class Americans got themselves in public and wanted to create new ways to settle the problems of the gilded age.

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There was an all around discontentment with new trends that were occuring in the american society that forced the progressive era.

The progressive era was named after the multiple progressive movements that got the attention of many communities that were around many reforms. Americans had multiple unique ideas about how the united states development should be controlled and were interested in who offered protection.The people in the community wanted to make politics better. Many black Americans still had to go through their struggle of civil rights, women wanted to vote and wanted an equal role in society, workers wanted bigger wages, workplaces that were safe and something that insured the rights that they were asking for. Because of the reforms that’s what gave the era its name.

In the year of 1911 a factory caught on fire the factory was called the triangle shirtwaist factory and was located in Manhattan . The factory had doors that were chained so employees would not take breaks without permission the managers who held the keys of the doors being chained saved themselves and left more than two hundred women behind leading to their deaths. Women would jump out the windows to meet their bloody deaths. By the time the fire ended on its own there were 71 workers that got injured and 146 of the workers died. Men ignored the dilemma of women and refused to support the women’s suffrage . like they ignored the women’s dilemma they also ignored africvan americans , native americans and other oppressed groups . Nonetheless the writings of social gospels had an influence on the 2o0th century life of the americans. They inspired activists such as Martin Luther King jr. who wished and seeked for a united community. In the early 20th centuries a “’trust” was either a monopoly or a cartel that were involved with big corporations of the gilded age and progressive era , they had an agreement whether it was legal or not. Some monopolies that were involved in trademarks and trade secrets were protected in the constitution mainly for them to show the advance of science and arts that they had considered useful for big organizations having to control the national markets was perfect and new but for Americans it was concerning.

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