The Bay of Pigs Invasion

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The Bay of Pigs started with Cuba government placing strong ties to the United State bases in Cuba.

United state was unhappy with the decision and it planed on attacking Cuba to pay back for their decision. Implementation of this ties took place United state expiries a great threat. This had a great impact on the history which had not experienced ties from any other country apart from Cuba as it currently was.

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President Dwight D approached Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to plan on how they could invade Cuba over their strong ties on Castro Regime. This set a beginning of a setting a stronger military in America. It was in the season of preparations of this war that United State military learnt new fighting tactics. This was the first war that the country was to standing by its self. It can be noted that on the other major wars that had previously took place America never participated directly else it was only supporting others on the war fields.

On the previous war US gained more than it lost. This was because they sold armaments to the countries that directly participated and gave only a limited support in case it was needed. This was the war where US was to use its own resources with this they prepared fully for it. The CIA never made it with their plans on Dwight’s season of leadership.

President Kennedy decided to make the earlier plan about invading Cuba a reality. There was already an existing alert to that CIA would invade Cuba. On 17th April 1961 CIA landed on the Bay of Pigs prepared for the war against Cuba. It took only two days and US Military that was sent for the war had already been defeated. This had a great impact towards US history as it was the first war for that US was a member and its side lost. This also taught US a great lesson of never to underestimate the capability of an opponent in a battle field.

The latter war of US in Afghanistan is a clear indication of how fears US can attack an opponent on a battle field currently.The formation of committee to investigate the causes of defeat that was experienced during the Bay Of Pig Lead by Chief Army of Staff Maxwell Taylor and Attorney General Robert Kennedy. The committee’s main agendas were to evaluate the course, investigate on the causes of defeat and come up with solutions that could ensure future success. As a result they came with stronger strategies to be exercising on a battle field to exhibit future defeats. This was a definite turn up of US military as their supremacy in the battle field was disapproved. It also lead to a stronger military being formed. US also started to major on empowering its forces to exhibit future repeats of defeats.

Cuba’s victory on the battle encouraged them to put on place strong ties over Soviet Onion which United State was a member. The encouragement sourced from the Earlier success of Cuba in the Bay of Pigs made Cuba believe that they too were among the strong nations of the world. this was because US was one of the big countries worldwide. With this Cuba put strong ties against Soviet Union directed to showing the soviet Union Members that they too were a strong country.

This was directed to humiliate US who at the moment knew for real that the were not in a position that they could win a battle against Cuba. The Cuba government proceeded also with the reassessment of the US president’s policy. This too was a major setback of US where by policies that could benefit the country was reassessed.

This is a major set back to a big country like US and makes a mark to its history.On May 1961 Operation Mongoose was formed which was to help United State to have new covenant in with Cuba or simply to do what CIA was not able to do. this mark the beginning of formation of a strong army with special fighting tactic that could ensure then a win in future. These were military persons with special dangerous tactics which is the training that was established from that time to date.

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United State during this season that Mongoose were training, did all they could to bring down Castro’s regime or to weaken his regime before military intervention that was scheduled to happen on October 1962. On the same year during summer United State learnt that Soviet Union was introducing weapons in Cuba which content was unknown.

This on the other hand resulted to US developing thoughts against Soviet Union. This resulted to cold war between the countries that were on the United State’s side and those that were supporting Cuba. After United State learnt this the Mongoose operations were abolished and the training of the military was called off.

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