Smoking Marijuana should be Legal or Illegal?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Marijuana is a drug that is constantly being talked about all over the radios and news. There are talks on whether or not it should be legalized. People’s beliefs on this matter has always been divided. Some think it shouldn’t be legalized at all, some think it should be, but with limits, and some think it should just be legal. But, there could also be positive benefits from making marijuana legal throughout the country.

Weed, another name for marijuana, is one of the few drugs out here that is not too harmful for you but is still illegal. Comparing weed to other drugs like heroin, and cocaine which can be very dangerous to your health and even your life, should not be put under the same category. You can however, put it under the smoking and alcohol category. In my opinion alcohol and smoking can be more harmful than weed. Weed is a lot safer and you are less likely to overdose as opposed to overdosing by alcohol poisoning. The government can put an age guideline like they do with cigarettes and alcohol. That way it can minimize the usage for kids/young adults under 21 years of age.

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Another reason weed should be legal is that i believe it can be financially beneficial for the government. If weed became legal maybe the government can put a tax on it and use the extra money for school funding. With so many people wanting weed to be legal it can create very good revenue. Not only can it help make money but it can also minimize how many people are arrested per year. And this could actually help the justice system by freeing up the prison system making space for the real criminals. So as you can see it can help the justice system as well by making marijuana legal.

The health of people should also be a concern for the government in making weed legal. Weed has many positive ways in helping people. Many people who are suffering from poor health can benefit from using this drug. Weed can be used for nausea, pain, anxiety, and any other problems that ordinary over the counter drugs don’t help with. Plus it can be used just to relax. For the most part weed is mild and easy to handle. You don’t hear people being in any kind of danger or acting out of control when using this drug, also I personally have never heard of anyone dying from smoking marijuana. So if you can handle a few side effects and are using the drug properly then why shouldn’t it be legalized.

I am sure many people would have more positive things to say as opposed to negative things to say about smoking weed. Marijuana should just become legal already. There is too much good that can come from it. Legalizing marijuana can be beneficial for this country and for people. Many people agree with the legalization so why not the government. This government needs to just hurry up and jump on the bandwagon and make it legal.

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