School Shootings are not a Thing of the Past

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Updated: May 11, 2020
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School shootings are not a thing of the past. As each school shooting happens people wonder what occurs in the minds of the shooting to pull off such a horrific act. Most criticisms blame vaping and underage drug abuse, a violent in today’s world, “horrific” video games, bullying, and mental problems to try and explain the events that have taken place. The idea that a person would shoot others for practically no reason gave no relief to the victims and witnesses. School shootings seemed like a often occurrence like every week you would see in the headlines “massacre in another public school” , but they are not new like we all think. The first school shooting occurred On July 26, 1764, when a Indian killed 9 children and the principal of a Pennsylvania school (Galvin).

Since 1764, the number of school shootings have increased unexpectedly, that’s why we have just recently been discussing solutions to the problem. In the 1990’s, 86 school shootings occurred and between 2000 and 2014, 110 shootings occurred since 2000 (Killam,2008). Everyone went to blame that the making of semiautomatic weapons lead to an rise in deaths, in which it has. A study in 1990 found that in the years of 1986-1990, 71 people died, 201 wounded, and 242 people were held hostage by school shooters(Galvin). Studies show the major factor is what area a violent place is located depicts the number of violent acts committed per year, school shootings have not been connected to this. The most horrifying question about school shootings is who is capable of such a thing? Everyone has tried to stereotype who these killers might be because it makes it easier to look away from the realization that anyone can be a school shooter all it takes is a terrible event to take place in ones life and they will go crazy.It happens, sadly. The truth is there is not an obvious way to point out the people but that would make it super easy for us to prevent school shootings.

Recently in the media we have all seen ideas to prevent the common occurrence of school shootings. One is actually in use today, teachers are arming themselves with hockey pucks. Well if you think about it charging at a shooter with a hockey puck isn’t a good idea because the last thing you want to do is aggravate him/her even more but to stop it maybe a group of people charging him/her might work but then you are risking way more people’s lives when you can hide in classrooms with the doors locked and not get hurt. The most useful way to prevent more deaths would be to ban the sales of automatic weapons to any citizen besides people enlisted in the military because you can’t completely stop school shootings. The best thing we can do is come together and strategize useful ways to prevent more deaths from school shootings.

School Shootings are not a Thing of the Past essay

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