Ruby Bridges – First African American to Attend a White Southern Elementary School

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Ruby Bridges is one of the people in history that made it possible for kids to go to school. Ruby lead a civil rights movement by going to a southern white elementary school at age six. Ruby was chosen to integration, She took a test to determine which black students were allowed to attend a all-white school.

Some other African Americans took the test to see if they were allowed to attend an only white school, Only six African Americans passed but two decided not to integrate Ruby began the integration to a only white school being the first African American going to an all-white school. Sooner or later more African Americans started to join Ruby in a only white school. But because of violent mobs Ruby was escorted by her mother and U.S. marshals.

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U.S marshals would drive Ruby to school and escort her around the school. As more African Americans were coming to all-white schools white parents started taking their children’s out of school. White parents started taking their students out of school because they were afraid of protesters. The school was mostly empty. “”The ones who left their kids were often attacked or threatened by people who were against integration.””

Although protesters were disrespectful and violent “”not everyone was against integration.”” After first grade for Ruby things became normal could walk to school without the U.S marshals and attend a full classroom that had both black and white students. Ruby did miss her old teacher “”Mrs.Henry”” but she eventually got used to her new classroom and teacher. “”Ruby went to integrated schools all the way to high school.””

In conclusion, I think Ruby Bridges sacrificed and made it possible because she had to go through a lot of protest and violence but it eventually got better for her and other African Americans. Her and more African Americans were finally allowed to be in classes with both white and black students. African Americans were also finally allowed to walk to or from school without their parents or U.S marshals. That’s how I think Ruby Bridges sacrificed and made it possible for kids to go to school no matter what race you are.

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