Romeo and Juliet Love at First Sight: Allure and Real-Life Examples

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Updated: Sep 06, 2023
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The Enchanting Phenomenon of Love at First Sight

Love, at first sight has led many people to long, happy romantic lives. We are all very familiar with love at first sight, whether from binge-watching Hallmark movies during the holidays, a personal experience, or reading Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare never disappoints us with his classic story in the Elizabethan time period. The addicting romance of Juliet and her Romeo leaves us in awe, only dreaming that one day we might be lucky enough to find ourselves leaning on a porch looking down to see our perfect Romeo throwing pebbles.

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Although love, at first sight, has left many couples disappointed that the person they thought was the one was only interested because they like blondes, lucky for the human race, there are plenty of fish in the sea, so it’s okay if people don’t find the one on the first try.

True Accounts of Love at First Sight

Love at first sight applied to a happy couple Tracey and Michael Jacob, when they first met walking down the aisle at a friend’s wedding and knew that there was something special between them. It was there where their love started to kindle. In the book Romeo and Juliet, Rome goes to a ball and sees Juliet across the room and forgets everything making Juliet the center of his universe. Romeo acts as if Juliet is the best thing since sliced bread. In the Play Romeo and Juliet,” Oh, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night. Like a rich jewel in an Ethopions ear, beauty to rich for use, for the earth too dear” (Shakespeare I, V, XL). Love at first sight, is seeing someone for the first time, and the rest of the world freezes in time as if they are the only person in the room. Seven years after Tracey and Michael Jacob first met walking down the aisle, Michael proposed to Tracey in NYC while there where in the middle of filming Serendipity.

Love at first sight, is real and does happen to everyday people and not just actors in movies. David Duble and his wife, Yvette Duble, are a perfect example of love at first sight, for they tell article writer Elizabeth Bernstein about their romantic story of how their love came to be. David tells Elizabeth,” I saw it in her eyes- what a sweet person she was and that she was the one.” Another happy coupled named Gennady and Marina Gerovich met on a cruise, and even tho Marina did not find him appealing at first, after eight months of dating later and they got married in 2011. These two examples of married couples prove to show that love, at first sight does happen and does work out.

The Skepticism Surrounding Love at First Sight

Of course, there are two sides to every argument; some people disagree that love at first sight, is not real and is just a fantasy. Steinberg states,” Chemistry within minutes of meeting someone, sure. But knowing and feeling love and forever marriage instantly? Sorry, not buying it” (1). This author is saying that love, at first sight, is a clique, and people who do believe in it are more of crazy love fanatics that just believe whatever the movies say and not actually taking the time to look at reality. Steiner talks about working with a number of women and trying to “snap them out of their fantasies.” Some trouble people face when it comes to love at first sight is they use cheesy love movies as rubrics for their relationship. However, many proponents would agree when saying love at first sight is real. Some people might not realize that their relationship was love at first sight because every relationship has to start somewhere. Most of the time, their love story starts with a look or a “double take,” turning into love, a first sight relationship.

Giving Love a Chance: A Conclusion

Love at first sight is real; people just need to give love a chance and realize what it is. After reading Romeo and Juliet, people find out that with one look at Romeo seeing Juliet, there is nothing that can come between them, and they will die together if that’s what it would take. Sometimes it won’t work out the first time, but there are plenty of people in the world. Some people are scared of the words “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health” (Cranmer), making them completely dread the thought of love at first sight. They don’t realize there are other people out there that feel the same way. There are people who have experienced love at first sight, and it does work out for them. Remember, every relationship starts with a glance.

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