Retributive Theory in America

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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How do we in America, generally reward, punish, or distribute good or bad and which theories do you think we follow? Give specific examples and illustrations to support your main points. Regardless of there being exceptions, it is arguably possible to state that we use the retributive theory in America.

A Large portion of the land in the United States is dedicated to being tough on crime. The theory holds that the magnitude in by which a criminal commits a crime, the same should be used to execute the punishment.

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The theory requires the convict to be suspended from doing something of equal value” ” justice pushes to see that the forfeit is enacted. When it comes to distribution of good or bad to the society, the people in the United States do not follow Rawl’s ideas.

Rawl communicates of a system that makes sure that everything that is done does help the poorest as it shows significance to the richest. Failure of the condition to be met, he holds that nothing should be done. Contrary to the theory, America, inhibit a system whereby the poor continue to sink in the poverty as the rich continue to flourish. In America, retributive justice is favored when it comes to sanctioning of criminals. Individuals are reckoned responsible for making right decisions and therefore breaking the rule is taken as a conscious decision that in retaliation deserves to be punished.

One of the facts behind the use of the theory is that we are one of the rich countries worldwide that makes use of the death as a mode of punishment. The idea of improving the society does not seem to cling in our minds” ” we believe that those who commit heinous crime deserve to be punished. Alternatively, the same is evidenced by the way we deal with lesser crimes. In a utilitarian environment, we would opt to rehabilitate crime doers. The effect would be overall happiness and help to the needy in our community.

Contrary to this, we do not support criminals rehabilitation, the reason being we do not want to coddle them and offer them the privileges that the law-abiding individuals fail to get. The above proves that we tend to cling to retributivism idea in our society.

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