Relationships with Boo Radley

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Updated: Jun 26, 2022
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In the book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, three kids try to live normal lives, but they can’t help but be interested in Boo Radley. Boo Radley has been a conversation in the group of kids who are determined to make him come out of hiding . Jem is always interested in Boo and Jem tries to make him come out of his house. Scout is also interested in Boo, but she doesn’t want him to come out.

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Dill is never interested in Boo because Dill is only there during the summer. All three kids try to have fun and live their lives, but they have mission and that is to get Boo Radley to come out of hiding.

For this reason, Jem spends his time playing games and coming up with new games to play, but he has always been interested in Boo Radley. Jem made a game about Boo Radley and he played it with Scout and Dill, which caused Jem to be even more curious about Boo. “I know what we are going to play, he announced. Something new, something different… Boo Radley. .” Even though Jem loves to make games, Boo Radley is always on his mind and Boo is influencing Jem’s daily life. Even after Atticus told Jem to stop playing the game, Jem continued to be interested in Boo. Jem is influenced by his fascination with Boo Radley, which resulted in Jem making a game about Boo.

In addition, Scout spends her time playing with Jem and Dill in one of Jem’s games, but she has always been interested in Boo Radley. Scout went along with the game of Boo Radley, but she was a little scared of Boo radley at first, but she began to be interested in all of the stories about him. “I was fairly sure Boo Radley was inside that house,but I couldn’t prove it, and felt it best to keep my mouth shut or I would be accused of believing in Hot Streams…(Lee 39).” Scout has always been interested in Boo Radley because she wants to prove that he is alive. When Jem started the Boo Radley game, Scout was afraid Boo was going to find out about the game. Scout tries to live her life, but she is interested in Boo Radley which influences her decisions about playing the game or not.

Also Dill spends his time playing with Jem and making games, but he was never interested in Boo Radley as much as Jem. Dill just goes with what Jem says and he doesn’t really know anything about Boo, except from the rumors. “Dill was a villain’s villain: he could get into any character part assigned him…(Lee 39).” Dill could act out any character in Jem’s games that he was told to do because all he wanted to do was play the games. Dill just believes what Jem said about Boo and did not care, so that caused it to be only Jem influenced his decisions. Dill was never interested in Boo Radley, so he could play with Jem without being distracted by an obsession with Boo.

In conclusion, Jem’s relationship with Boo is that Jem is curious about him and that influences everything he does. Scout’s relationship with Boo is that Scout starts out scared, but then she begins to be interested in the subject of him being alive or not. Dill’s relationship with Boo is that Dill only believes the rumors and that’s all Dill thinks Boo is. All three children have their own point of view on Boo Radley. Each child spends their own time playing games, but Boo Radley influences their daily lives.

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