To Kill a Mockingbird Character Analysis: Jem’s Journey

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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To Kill a Mockingbird Character Analysis: Jem’s Journey

This essay offers a character analysis of Jem Finch from Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.” It explores Jem’s growth from innocence to a more complex understanding of the world as he confronts issues of racism and injustice in the American South. The piece will examine key moments that shape Jem’s character, his relationship with his sister Scout and father Atticus, and the impact of the trial on his worldview. The overview aims to provide insight into Jem’s development as a pivotal character who represents the loss of innocence and the gaining of moral insight. At PapersOwl, you’ll also come across free essay samples that pertain to Fiction.

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Jem’s Personality and Observations

We are reading a book called “To Kill A Mocking,” and we had to write an essay based on a character from the book the character that was chosen was Jem. Throughout the book, it shows how Jem is changing and how he is Brave and Honesty, and he likes a little adventure.

Jem is the big brother of his little sister Scout who is another main character. Jem really looks up to his dad, and he watches how his dad does his job, and Jem really just watches all the things that are going on around him and tries to understand them.

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Jem has this little hideout that he is mostly in it. I think it is a treehouse in the front yard of their house.

Adventures with Scout: Exploring the Town and the Courthouse

Jem and Scout take trips to town here and there to maybe sneak into the courthouse where Atticus, their dad, works; he is a lawyer, and he is trying to defend a colored man that is supposed of raping a white woman. Jem and his family live next door to what they think is a crazy killer that is named Boo Radley. In the middle of the story, Jem, Scout, and Dill take a trip at night to sneak around Boo Radley’s house to see if they can see anything, but they don’t until they hear a sound.

A Frightening Night: Encounter at the Radley House

They all started to run towards their house; on their way run, they had to go under a fence, and Jem got stuck on the fence, so they took it off, and they continued to run, and then they found a place to hide. After waiting a little bit, Jem headed back to get his clothes back, and when he got there, he found his clothes were folded on put on the ground next to where he got suck. On his way back from the Radley house, there was a gunshot.

The Climactic Ending: Rescue by Boo Radley

Toward the end of the story, Scout had a show at the school that she was a part of; Jem and Scout went alone, so on their way back from the school show, Jem and Scout started to head home, but then they overheard something following them. So they started to run, and then a person came out of the trees and attacked them. Jem tried to keep him off and away from Scout. The man had injured Jem really badly, so the man reached for Jem until another person grabbed him and started to help fight him off, and so he did.

After he was done, the man picked up Jem and ran and dropped him off at his house, and when Scout got there, Jem was lying on his b ed the sheriff was there and asked Scout if she knew what happened, and she said no the room got quiet and they heard a sound coming from behind the door of the room and they moved the door and the man who helped them was Boo Radley.

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