Rebellion in Serenity, a Science Fiction Movie

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Updated: Aug 17, 2022
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Serenity is a science fiction movie which narrates a Tells the story of the crews in ‘serenity’ spacecraft and a pair of siblings who discover the secret of the alliance’s rule and resist the alliance. Although the name of the movie is Serenity, this is the irony expressed in the plot of the movie. There is no absolute serenity and peace in a world. What a serene world needs is a ruler who can provide a free and happy land for everyone. This is the common goal of everyone. So if someone destroys this goal, the world needs a rebel against it, even a rebellion against the ruler. In another words, Rebellion is not always a bad thing.

In the background of the movie, human is in a dangerous situation in the future because of the loss of the earth. In most cases people will be trapped by identity tags. For example, the crews in the movie make a living by smuggling and theft that seems to be negative characters, while the ruler is a heroic character in the background because they can lead the wandering humans. They are People’s cohesion and hope. However, as the ruler, the alliance did not exert the true value of a leader that established a perfect new world, but created a death planet in order to maintain its own power through some cruel means. For the rebels of this event, they are positive characters even if they carry some negative labels. Therefore, for the major issues of principles, we should not focus on identity but the nature of the event.

This movie has become a reflection on the necessity of order and chaos, the pursuit of perfection and crime.[1] The confrontation of the rebels is against conspiracy and evil. They do not believe in the Alliance’s propaganda, and do not accept the Alliance’s salute, save those lives trampled down by the Alliance, and fight for their freedom and faith. However, the most important thing is to pursue your inner faith, which is also the true meaning of rebellion. The psychic female killer believes in everything the alliance tells her: the alliance is fighting for a perfect world. Her belief is that perfect world, and she is willing to die for it. And the crews on that spaceship also found their faith. That is to tell the truth to the people of the universe. In this case, the faith of the Alliance is worth resisting under lies. It is doomed to challenge the central authorities, because they are the only rulers who have many supporters. Rebels who dare to challenge authority are real heroes that fight for faith This is exactly the rebellion that this world really needs.

It is indeed difficult to fight against authority. We’re seeing a rise in authoritarianism around the globe, but as long as people maintain the faith of justice, confrontation will eventually win. Like the black killer of the alliance in the movie, he chose to fight the ruler together after realize the truth. The most important thing is that everyone sticks to the right belief and works hard to protect it. Rebellion is the best guardian.

Rebellion in Serenity, a Science Fiction Movie essay

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