Presidential Elections and the Issue of Race

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Whites make up about 75% of the population of America, and many charges have been brought against them. They were the target of outrage and protests. Yes, blacks were brought to America as slaves several centuries ago, but slavery was not invented here, and now it is not practiced here, unlike in some African and Muslim countries. In fact, America fought in a civil war to put an end to slavery. More than 150 years have passed since the Declaration on the Emancipation of Slaves, and the fate of modern blacks does not depend on yesterday’s slave owners, but on today’s ill-fated black leaders who deliberately keep black people in America on imaginary plantations, forcing them to see themselves as victims. Insisting that today’s blacks are victims of white racism and “white priority”, black authorities (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and Maxine Waters – and these are just a few examples) not only formed an ideology requiring black privileges, but also created dependency and helplessness, especially prevalent among the young black population in poor urban areas of our country (J. John, 1996). Not ‘snowballs’ commit 62% of robberies, 57% of murders, 45% of attacks in the 75 largest regions of the United States. At the same time, the black population there is only 15% of the population. 91% of blacks are killed by other blacks.

The black population accounts for 10% of the entire US population, but its representatives commit 42% of robberies and 34% of serious crimes. According to a Department of Justice report, in 30 years from 1980 to 2008, blacks committed half of all murders in the USA, despite the fact that they constitute only 13% of the population. Black Crime: The proportion of African-Americans in prison for serious crimes is much higher than that of all other ethnic groups in terms of their share of the population. This is not the fault of racist policemen or judges. In the last few months, two American cities have fallen into international headlines because of so-called racial turmoil. In Ferguson and Baltimore, African Americans sacked shops, set fire to cars, and turned entire quarters into civil war zones. In both cases, a young black man had been killed by police violence. For the African-American community, but also for the left-liberal media and anyway for the European commentators, the verdict was clear from the outset: Michael Brown (18) and Freddie Gary (25) were killed because they were black. They are the victims of a racist police, which prefer to control black and coloured, bully and use the weapon without inhibition, as soon as an opportunity arises (L. Jennifer, 2004). The police, in turn, reflects American society, which is still fundamentally racist, despite black president, black justice minister, black national security adviser.

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However, no one knows Brian Moore, a young white cop, who this May in Queens, New York, wanted to check the identity of a suspiciously behaving black, whereupon he suddenly pulled a gun and shot Moore in the head. The murderer, a certain Demetrius ‘Hellraiser’ Blackwell, had been imprisoned for murder at the age of twenty. Brian Moore was the fifth New York cop to be killed in five months. You could not read that either. Neither did the hunting knife attack of a 23-year-old black on the young policewoman April Pykes a few days earlier in Houston (Darnell Hawkins, 1983). By the way, Pykes was also black. American policemen of all skin colours try in some highly dangerous environments to do their job as well as possible. And most of all, they make him very good. Literature review: Moreover, according to the FBI, in 2007, 433934 crimes committed by black against white and 55,685 crimes committed by white against black were recorded. As for interracial rape, it is almost exclusively a crime committed by blacks against whites: 14,000 against white women were recorded, and not a single case of rape of a black woman by a white man. In his book, The War Against the Cops: How a New Attack on Law and Order Makes Us All Vulnerable, Heather McDonald chronicles the war that black men lead against other black men in poor areas. In Chicago, 76% of all murders are committed by blacks, 78% of minors are detained among blacks.

Compared to the data for the white population, the black indicators for education are depressing. The 2012-2013 report prepared by the SCHOTT Foundation and entitled “Black Lives Matter: A Report on Public Education and the Male Black Population”, reported that only 59% of black men graduate from high school. For Latin Americans, this figure is 65%, and for whites – 80%. In Detroit, a city that the black leadership has ruled for decades, only 20% of black men graduate from high school. This is an accusation, this is a shame! Yes, the black community has a problem, but it is associated exclusively with himself, and white too often fall victim to his troubles. America has spent the past few decades spending billions of taxpayer dollars on improving public education, assistance programs and equal opportunities, such as Legal Protection for Blacks in Poor Areas, but what did this lead to? We stepped aside and quietly watched how city after city, each of which was once safe and prosperous, turned into a corner from the third world after decades of the corrupt rule of the black democrats. They were enriched by unkept promises, while the rest of the population experienced difficulties. For decades, beginning in the 1960s, the concept of white guilt was fostered by the civil rights movement that swept the country.

Many blacks successfully got into the media, the press, education, sports, law enforcement agencies, government offices. The culmination of this process was the election of the first black president Barack Hussein Obama (Kassia, 2015). Many whites, seeking to relieve their guilt after many years of excuses, voted not for the best candidate for the presidency, but for the symbol that they hoped would end the racial conflict once and for all. However, Obama’s election only exacerbated the tension between blacks and whites. Many blacks felt in this encouragement and protection of their demands, and now racist protests the police have become the order of the day. Now it was often possible to hear how representatives of the “Black Lives Matter” movement chant: “What do we need? Dead cops! When do we need them? Now! ” As a result, this resulted in a war against the police, in which many police officers were killed while performing their duty in New York, Dallas, Baton Rouge, San Antonio and other cities across the country. You do not need protection from us. That we need protection from you. They themselves created the problems of blacks, and history has proved that this money cannot be solved with any money thrown on them. Finding scapegoats is tedious and dangerous. Do not lecture us about social injustice and our duty to you (Jee Jennifer, 2015). The only thing that should be given to any of us is equal opportunities, and we have provided you with plenty of them.

It’s time for the black community to look at itself, and when it does, it will understand that the problem is not a lack of opportunities, but a lack of values. Background & Discussion: Most media, however, give the impression that the biggest enemy of blacks are white racist cops and judges. And what does not correspond to this cliché, does not come in the news. In fact, it is black people themselves who pose the greatest danger to their peers. 94 percent of all black murder victims are killed by blacks. A black man has a 1 in 21 chances of being murdered, a white one of 1 in 131. Blacks now make up 13 percent of the population, but their share of prison inmates is almost three times that. They are locked up, not because they are black, but because they have committed crimes. More than half of the murders are on their account. One third of all African Americans without a school-leaving certificate between 20 and 34 are behind bars, only a quarter of the same group works. The rapid rise in black crime began in the 1960s – interestingly, as the perspective of black lawbreakers began to change.

These were increasingly seen as victims of society rather than on their own responsibility and received more rights of defines in court. Fittingly, black violent crime reached its peak not in the culturally backwoods south, but in the more liberal cities of the north, in Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, which were also ruled by black mayors and black police chiefs (Robert Sampson, 1987). Instead of blaming black urban crime for stubborn white supremacist or racist forces, look at the African American community itself. The self-destructive miseries of their underclasses, the gangster and violence glorification of an all-pervasive hip-hop culture, all this has to do with the dissolution of the black family. Three quarters of all black children grow up alone with their mothers. Most producers disappear after birth. Social assistance, however, cannot replace a father. In the long run, it only promotes the moral irresponsibility of those whose duty it would be to accompany their children into a prosperous future. (Basler newspaper). White women highlighting crimes by Black people: The most serious problem with this ‘trend’ that occurred recently was the Starbucks coffee in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in April this year, police against two black men who were white female clerks meeting in the shop It was an incident where two people were arrested and detained. This clerk was dismissed afterwards, Starbucks CEO apologized to the two men, and in May we shut down the stores all over the country and training about race. After this incident, it goes without saying that the impression of people against Starbucks got worse.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle news site ‘SFGATE’, a white woman called a police officer against two black men who were doing a ‘illegal’ barbecue at a park in Oakland, California this May. Park’s barbecue area is one that uses coal and others that it is not, and black men used it in places that should not use coal. The woman kept on sale for two hours in front of the two. Then a white woman, a wife of a man, visited the scene and listened to the situation by women and shot a video. And that’s how the problematic woman called the police. This woman was later nicknamed ‘BBQ Becky’ and was criticized as a racist who called the police by trivial things. Then a similar incident occurred in the same state in San Francisco next to Auckland. According to the NBC Bay Area coverage, a white woman who saw an 8-year-old black girl selling bottle water in the premises of his apartment where he was going to go to Disneyland said, ‘A license to sell water He said he called the police. After that, the woman appeared on television and expressed his opinion that ‘I was thinking I was going to pay attention because girls and mothers were noisy’ about the situation, but it is already late. The woman was nicknamed ‘Permit Patty’, the movie was spread to social media, and it was said that he was forced to resign a certain company CEO position. In the above three cases, the acts of women are never a crime.

However, act of calling the police in response to extremely small irritation can be said to be an anti-social act ignoring the communication ‘discussion’. After that, however, astonishing cases occurred in southern South Carolina this time. According to the CBS news report, a 15-year-old black boys and friends who were in the community pool, white women exhumed not only that they ‘do not belong here’, they racially discriminate against black people He said that he made a speech remarkably and took a stake in addition. Moreover, the woman was arrested for the current crime, for example, by violent violence against two policemen who rushed at the report. This video was also shared by SNS, people naturally associated this woman with the other two people mentioned above and nicknamed ‘Pool Patrol Paula’. Unconscious prejudice hiding in Caucasian Acts like those mentioned above will never have started in the United States. However, under the President of Trump, who acts like admitting white superiors, the impression that such people who were ‘hiding in the cave’ have appeared dignifiedly, and the discrimination act has been put into practice There is. And in every case, the underlying problem is the same ‘Implicit Bias’ as one in Starbucks. It is hard to imagine that the prejudice that white women who invited police probably had prejudice that ‘black people = doing something bad’. If the white girls were selling water in the apartment, was the woman really calling the police? In this country still, many people still feel a sense of discrimination against coloured race which will not be conscious even by myself in the head of white people (Paul Butler, 2010).

Law enforcement in US against crimes: For several years, law enforcement agencies in the United States have used special programs in their work that analyse crime statistics and issue recommendations. For example, in California, the program calculates the optimal route for patrols, considering the probability of crimes in each area of the city at a certain time of day. Chicago police in 2014 compiled a watch list with the names of the 400 most likely criminals in the future. The prediction algorithm of criminals and future victims is concerned about human rights defenders, although it showed surprising accuracy (more than 70% of firearm victims in Chicago in 2016 were on the list prepared in advance by the program). Recently, analytical programs have begun to be used in the courts. The judge must determine to punish the offender according to the minimum or maximum severity stipulated by law for a crime. In this case, the program calculates the so-called “risk assessment score” based on the available data. This indicator determines the probability of a repetition of a crime and, accordingly, affects the severity of the sentence (Trina Creighton, 2014). So, a careful analysis of the results of the program, conducted by ProPublica, revealed a strange tendency: for some reason, the program gives a higher risk estimate for African Americans (Blacks) than for whites. In other words, the algorithm exhibits racial discrimination! And this is even though this program was specifically introduced into the judicial system precisely to eliminate such discrimination (John Calvin, 2016).

The risk assessment indicator is very important. It affects the severity of the sentence, the size of the amount under which the suspect is released on bail, as well as the choice of preventive measures and much more. ProPublica analysed more than 7,000 cases in Broward County (Florida), where one of the most popular programs of this kind from Northpointe calculates the risk assessment score for a suspect. As it turned out, only 20% of suspects, for whom the program identified a high risk of committing crimes, committed it within two years after exposing the risk. Even considering minor violations, such as going beyond the perimeter of house arrest, “the accuracy of the program’s work is slightly more than a coin toss”. But the worst thing is that the program exhibits racial discrimination. Risk scores for African Americans are much higher than for white criminals. The erroneous prediction of relapse for blacks is twice as high as for whites. African American Risk Assessment (1 – Minimum, 10 – Maximum) Risk assessment score for whites (1 – minimum, 10 – maximum) The researchers conclude that the program violates the law, specifically considering the skin colour factor as one of the parameters to determine the likelihood of a crime in the future.

Northpointe assures that the race of the suspect is not in any way considered in the analysis. But other factors are considered that correlate strongly with the race: level of education, employment status, criminal history of relatives, taking of illegal drugs by friends / friends, etc. The weight of each factor in the final grade is classified — this is Northpointe’s proprietary algorithm (John Logan, 2017). Recent protest in US: In less than a week, two names were added to the list of black citizens killed by the police in the United States. The first of them, whom police identified as Terence Crutcher, died last Friday in Tulsa in the state of Oklahoma after a police officer shot him. On Tuesday, another agent killed a black man named Keith Scott in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. This last incident divided the police and the community, because the authorities indicated that the man was armed, and the citizens argue that he was actually reading a book inside his car. A few hours after his death, dozens of protesters took to the streets of Charlotte, attacked some police cars and 16 police officers were injured. There are many voices that consider that these cases, like those of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Scott and Freddie Gary, evidence the structural problem of racism and excessive violence of the police with the African-American community. ‘No more’: the death of two black citizens at the hands of the police that provoked protests in the USA.

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