Please Briefly Elaborate on One of your Extracurricular Activities

Just like the bee loves the honey, I also love photography. All through my life, photography has always been part of me. The photographer of my grandfather was among my favorite photographers.

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He was a great photographer, which came to my memory the time he died. For all these moments, I forgot regarding his skills, which were illustrious and I also loved photography. Never did I realized until when my art tutor preferred us scholars cameras to go and take photos for many contests. One could tell the loveliness of life in my eyes. I could feel like it was the love of my entire life.

What I love capturing the, most are the staff which people fail to recognize as loveliness. It records my lifes portions, also events and places. I enjoy viewing the photographs as well as keeping in mind what happened. A photograph says so many words, which contain several meanings to each person. I attended the New York State Summer Program for Arts at SUNY Oswego which I was taking a class on photography.

However, that was an untamed experience. The tutors were much diverse than I expected them to be. I was able to meet so Many individuals whose personalities were unique. However, what I learned from this program include the basics and deepness, which I knew not about in photography. A month of photography, eight hours daily was valuable. I have topped in several contests within the school and other areas. During church events, I take photos, also during school awards. Thus, photography is among the things that I will involve myself in forever.

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