Piaget’s Pre-Operational Stage: a Crucial Phase in Child Cognitive Development

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Updated: Dec 01, 2023
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With his theory cognitive display, Swiss psychology Jean Piaget transformed our knowledge child’s display. Only from his main ideas – pre-operational stadium, that appears a critical stadium in a theory Piaget, that marks critical connection in cognitive display child. Pre-operational période, that usually executes he between two and seven ages, is a not at all critical bend in a display intellectual child. Children appoint quickly a linguistic display and symbolic in one flow from this stadium, that shows their developed flair, to express concepts and objects, uses a language, symbols, and intellectual images.

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Because children participate simulate a game, storytelling, and creative building scenario, they cognitive universe height, indicating developing inclination for symbolic consideration. Egocentrism, or road of initial letter, that children leaf their prospect the clean world and find this most difficult, to understand possibilities other people, – only from one appoint characteristic pre-operational stadium. Battle them, to understand, that other people were able to have opinion or the stages competense, that does this most difficult, for them fed liking or accepted ? attention points look other combine. Animism, tendency despite babies, to manage objects or similar for a man caractéristiques events and value natures lifeless, is other feature, appointed in one flow from this above all era. Co-ordinate them so as living internalss lifeless objects, gives the impression that have them ideas or emotions. In one flow from this phase, Piaget too did an accent on an increase intuitional discussion. Based on their general reviews and experience, children abandoned to set forth explanations for the world around they, and these explanations often simplified and deprived from a logical discussion. They able to accept decisions based on an instinctive value as understanding basic ideas. From other side, pre-operational internship children appoint cognitive limitations. In one flow from this stadium, reserve knowledge, that properties wares different no mimic even, when they it is said, autre-devient extraordinarily difficult. For example, even after pouring gas in manners containers several well-assorted, a child, at a case, finds this most difficult, to understand, that encumbered liquid stays on a precedent. Piaget did modern manoeuvres, to show these cognitive limitations, so as for example storage famous problems. When points gas two appointed teenager, for example, and only takes he in high glass, thinly, child, at a case, through fault weighs, that anymore liquid ices possessions highly from the changed appearance. Pre-operational a stadium places a base for cognitive posterior display in vexation from this absences. This dessert transitional above all stadium, puts foundation for a stadium, operational stadium, in that children abandoned laid out through different from these couch-grasses and to appoint processes idea more it command and logic subsequent concret. ? addition despite assures penetrating in cognitive processes children, knowledge pre-operational a stadium helps pedagogics and caregivers assist and encourage cognitive display child in one flow from this critical stadium. General reviews Piaget from this experience stadium have the durable affecting child’s psychology and teaching, distinguishes importance confession and creation cognitive new-born increase.

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