Perspectives of into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Jon Krakauer is an American writer and a mountain climber. He was born April 12, 1954 in the State of Massachusetts. Jon Krakauer is well- known for his writing about the outdoors; one of the main topics that he writes about is mountain climbing. Into The Wild is a nonfiction novel, written by Jon Krakauer. It was told in third person omniscient. The story takes place in the Alaskan wilderness. The protagonists named Chris changes his name/identity to Alex because he wanted to create a new life for himself.

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He wants to learn to survive on his own without anybody’s help. Before he started his new journey by hitchhiking to different states, he had a wealthy life, where his parents provided him with everything.

I think the author Krakauer believes that Chris was lost and his life was different from current society. The author states, When the boy headed off into the Alaskan bush, he entertained no illusions that he was trekking into a land of milk and honey; peril, adversity, and Tolstoyan renunciation were precisely what he was seeking. Chris went into the wild, with no awareness that he was going into the land full of misfortune, difficulties, and immediate danger. He thought it was going to be easy for him to survive in the wild without anybody’s aid.

I believe, the structure has not been effective because it jumps to Chris/Alex’s perspective to Krakauer’s perspective. The structure of the book is confusing because instead of just jumping into the protagonist action; the author includes his and others perspective. In addition, Krakauer does not dislike Chris/Alex, Krakauer actually admires McCandless and understands his reason of actions. The author states, Some readers admired the boy immensely for his courage and noble ideals: Many readers admired his ideas and reason of actions. Yes, Krakauer’s conviction of Chris are clear, convincing, and engaging.

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