Into the Wild Freedom

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Into the Wild Freedom

This essay will discuss the theme of freedom in Jon Krakauer’s “Into the Wild.” It will explore the protagonist’s quest for freedom and the broader philosophical questions about the nature of freedom and the pursuit of an unencumbered life. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Freedom.

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In the book Into the Wild Christopher McCandless went to Alaska to live in nature with very little supplies. He was inexperienced and uneducated but he had his reasons to be out there, emotional reasons. Chris was searching for Answers, he wanted to explore the unknown, and get away from society. Chris also wanted to live a life without responsibility and he didn’t need to rely on other people for his survival, he was an independent man and he wanted to prove that to himself.

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Chris just did not want to, but unfortunately he died in searching for his own peace in the wild.

When Chris went on his journey into the wild he was searching to get away from the government, he didn’t want to be involved with the rules of society. I came to this conclusion because it says “How I feed myself is none of the government’s business. Fuck there stupid rules” that quote helps express the way Chris feels about the government and there rules and or laws. Another quote I found was “on February 3, according to his journal, mcCandless went to Los Angeles “to get an ID and a job but feels extreme;y uncomfortable in society now and must return to the road immediately.” This quote shows that Chris wasn’t comfortable in society as he once was.

Chris went searching for his independence. He was so confident in himself to survive the wild with the little food that he brought then he had to hunt the rest by himself. In the book it says “I Understood that it was important for him to see how independent he could be” this quote shows his sister talking about how she understands his need to feel independent when he left their family and never wrote to them. Another quote from the book states “I won’t run into anything I can’t deal with on my own” this quote is telling you that he has full faith in himself to go live in the wild and survive by himself.

When Chris went into the wild alone he went searching for loneliness he didn’t believe that he needed people interaction to be happy or to be okay with how he’s living his life. He could now take more control over his life and his own decisions being more alone. “new life for himself, one in which he would be free to wallow in unfiltered experience. To symbolize the complete severance from his previous life, he even adopted a new name. No longer would he answer to Chris McCandless; he was now Alexander Super-tramp, master of his own destiny.” This helps prove that he is getting to live his own life. “The freedom and simple beauty of it is just too good to pass up” this is showing how he wanted freedom.

In Conclusion

Christopher MaCandless went into the wild searching for a number of things, freedom from the laws, independence, proof that he is okay being alone and you don’t need people to make you happy. all of which he did for himself because he thought he would be better. He lived as long as he could with what he had plus more that he hunted. He lived without responsibility and he lived independently, without society and the government. I have proved all of my conclusions with an explanation. Sadly Chris died of starvation after only spending little time living in Alaska.

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