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Ottoman Empire Essays

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American Genocide Issues

Words: 831 Pages: 3 4110

“By 1923, a 3,000-year-old civilization virtually ceased to exist” (Cohan). This civilization is Armenia, which was once a nation under the rule of the formidable Ottoman Empire, a powerful Islamic dynasty that controlled large territories throughout Southeast Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa. As citizens of the Ottoman Empire, the Armenian people were challenged for […]

Topics: Armenian Genocide, Dehumanization, Genocide, Human Rights, Injustice, Justice, Ottoman Empire, Rwandan Genocide, Social Issues, Torture

Native American Genocide

Words: 465 Pages: 2 4076

When digging deeper into American history and learning about what happened to Native American Indian populations brings extremely dark and unpleasant facts surrounding America’s foundation to the surface. These facts are often used to help undermine the commonly held belief that America is a great nation founded on moral principles of life, liberty, and the […]

Topics: Armenian Genocide, Genocide, Ottoman Empire, Rwanda, United States

Muslims and Christians during the Black Death

Words: 1818 Pages: 6 4375

As the Richter Scale measures earthquakes, the so-called ‘Foster Scale’ tries to quantify disasters. Conceived by Canadian geographer Harold D. Foster, it ranks calamities by tallying death tolls, physical damage, and emotional stress. According to Foster’s calculations, World War II (somewhat expectedly) tops the list of human disasters, but is closely followed by the Black […]

Topics: Black Death, Ottoman Empire

The Greek Genocide History

Words: 1347 Pages: 4 4224

The genocide I’m revolving my term paper around is the Greek Genocide. The Greek Genocide started during and after World War I from 1914 to 1923. More specifically, the Ottoman Empire were the central antagonists that perpetuated this systematic extermination of millions of innocent Greek lives. Amongst the lofty death toll, other unfortunate consequences of […]

Topics: Genocide, Greece, Ottoman Empire

What was the Underlying Cause of World War 1

Words: 2894 Pages: 10 4621

The Great War, also known as the First World War or World War I, was a geopolitical struggle that emerged in 1914 and lasted for four years. This international conflict greatly influenced both the sociopolitical and economic development of most nations in Europe, Israel, Russia, United States, and the Middle East. Notably, the war eroded […]

Topics: Middle East, Ottoman Empire, World War 1
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The Genocide of the Pontic Greeks

Words: 937 Pages: 3 3749

The Pontic Greeks were set in Ottoman Empire in the midst of the Armenian Genocide. It was the Spring of 1914. The Turks began ordering Greeks from Eastern Thrace as well as Western Anatolia to boycott every business run by a Greek. In the midst of this, hundreds of thousands Greek inhabitants from those regions […]

Topics: Armenian Genocide, Genocide, Ottoman Empire, Rwanda, Rwandan Genocide

The Worlds of the Fifteenth Century

Words: 1818 Pages: 6 3947

A small amount of people in 1492 could have thought the enormous global process set in motion by the Columbus’s three ships, things such as the Atlantic Slave trade, massive growth of world population, decimation of the native’s in the Americas and the massive growing prominence of Europeans on the World stage. This excursion around […]

Topics: Africa, China, India, Islam, Ottoman Empire, Renaissance, United States

The Armenian Genocide

Words: 2185 Pages: 7 5049

The start of the Armenian genocide occurred in the year 1913 and extended all the way through 1916 which involved the Turks and Armenian people taking place in the Ottoman Empire. Throughout history, attempts to gain control over land has been a major cause of destruction and mass targeting of groups of people in the […]

Topics: Armenian Genocide, Genocide, Ottoman Empire, Rwanda, Rwandan Genocide

Some of the Key Features of the Columbian Exchange

Words: 683 Pages: 2 4176

Some key features of the Columbian Exchange were new types of food like plant and animal species such as horses, cows and grain crops. This exchange allowed for an increase in food production and trade, bettering the economies throughout not only the Americas but around the globe. The Spanish conquistadors were able to complete their […]

Topics: Columbian exchange, Islam, Japan, Ottoman Empire

Western Europe Finds itself in a Privileged Position

Words: 2634 Pages: 9 3484

“In today’s world, Western Europe finds itself in a privileged position, with many of the world’s most prosperous nations found within its continent, it often serves as a proponent of freedom and affluence around the globe. When admiring the prestige of Western Europe, one must wonder, how is it that the world’s smallest continent has […]

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Christianity, Crusades, Italian Renaissance, Italy, Ottoman Empire, Renaissance

What Led to the Crusades

Words: 449 Pages: 1 4677

“A huge turning point in Medieval history are the Crusades. The Crusades were a series of wars fought between the Christian/Europeans and the Turks and Muslims. These happened between the years of 1096-1272.”God looks after the the Crusaders and will keep at least one of my boys safe”(grant 93), the Christians wanted the Holy Land […]

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Crusades, Middle Ages, Middle East, Ottoman Empire

American Intervention in the Arab Spring

Words: 1880 Pages: 6 3775

Almost 400 years before Columbus touched American soil, Pope Urban II decreed that the salvation of the West lay in the East. At the end of the 11th century he launched a campaign to conquer Jerusalem promising deliverance as collateral and escape from an unfertile, war weary Europe (Peters 28). For centuries Western civilization’s relationship […]

Topics: Crusades, Democracy, International Relations, Iraq, Middle East, Nationalism, Ottoman Empire

Exploration of New Land

Words: 1570 Pages: 5 3832

A traveler sees many wonderous things in their time discovering other communities and civilizations. As a traveler that has visited some of most dynamic countries in the world, I feel I witnessed history. Throughout the next pages my goal is to explain all about what I have experienced so that the rest of the world […]

Topics: Civilization, India, Japan, Knowledge, Mahatma Gandhi, Ottoman Empire, Western culture

Postclassical Period

Words: 674 Pages: 2 3423

During the postclassical period, along with other major civilizations including Asia and Africa, two great Christian civilizations emerged in Europe. One Christian civilization that emerged was the Byzantine Empire, which controlled parts of western Asia and southeastern Europe. Since the Romans set up their eastern capital in Constantinople, the Byzantine Empire maintained high levels of […]

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Crusades, Middle Ages, Ottoman Empire, Trade

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