Non-verbal Vocabulary as a Way to Distinguish Truth from Lies

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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Failure to detect deception in decision-making can create inefficiencies for a manager or a company. Deception is defined as the act of deceiving someone. It is a powerful form of information manipulation that occurs when an opportunistic manager or company implements misrepresentation designed to influence the behavior of another individual. Deception poses a problem for managers and companies because those who fail to detect a deceiver’s malicious manipulation act on the basis of misrepresented information. As a result, they behave in ways that are more favorable to the deceiver than others warrant.

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The problem of detecting deception is solved by identifying the elements of the manipulation and taking corrective action. Failure to detect deception leads to inefficiencies:

  1. Intentionally exploits the weaknesses of the target’s information processing, and
  2. Is aware of the target’s possible detection efforts.

Failure to detect forms of deception for managers or a company could, in some cases, result in the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as the loss of careers and reputations. In chapter 4, it is stated that an important safeguard for ethical behavior is the potential for loss of reputation. Reputation, the esteem or high repute that people or organizations gain when they behave ethically, is an important asset. Stakeholders have valuable reputations that they must protect because their ability to earn a living and to obtain resources in the long run depends on how they behave. A manager who has a poor reputation may have difficulty finding employment with other companies. Stockholders who see managers behaving unethically may refuse to invest in the company, which would decrease the stock price, undermine the company’s reputations, and ultimately put their manager’s job at risk. The ability to be deceitful often comes from greed, and/or rebellion. Most individuals use deception to get an advantage or to protect something or someone. Deception is prevalent among businesses and anywhere dealing with money. The various chapters discuss deception.

Chapter 17 discusses conflict in management and organizations. Deception often leads to conflict and causes problems. Great leaders must know how to control the environment and manage the present situation. Another key component is Chapter 1, which discusses management. Knowing how to detect deception is important. Body language can help decipher deception, but one cannot base their judgment solely on nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication can be very tricky because some individuals know how to make their body language differ from what they are verbally saying. Deception has been around since the beginning of time. Money can make individuals envious and spiteful. The saying “money is the root of all evil”, rings true. Money causes individuals to be deceitful and greedy. Politics is also another source of deceitfulness. Politicians often make numerous promises to communities about how they will improve an area but, once elected, they never fulfill those promises.

Being deceitful often involves telling people what they want to hear. Chapter 14 talks about leadership. When surrounded by deceitful individuals, good leadership can overcome the deceitfulness. Being able to maintain integrity among other individuals is key. Integrity should be practiced even when one is not at work or when nobody is around. Misleading others, and blatantly telling lies are characteristics of deceitful individuals. Deceitful individuals look for ways to create division among a group of people. They are always looking for ways to get ahead. These individuals often oppose the opinions of others, re-characterize others, and are constantly pointing out the wrongdoings of others.

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