My Way in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program

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Updated: Aug 19, 2022
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My Way in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program essay

As a first-generation college graduate, I believe education has the power to change lives. Higher education has the power to impact not only the student, but the people surrounding the student and their community. I graduated in the spring of 2018 and began work on the Trauma Burn Intensive Care unit at UAB in June of 2018. As a new graduate, I was bombarded with hospitals and career paths that my new RN title could take me. Thus, I have always aspired to further my education and when I discovered UAB, the moto “Knowledge that will change your world” stuck out to me specifically during an interview. The manager asked me, “What are your education goals for the next 5 years?”

I was astonished, that as an employer they cared so much about helping me achieve my education goals. As a Registered Nurse, the medical field is everchanging. Pursuing an MSN, is not just logical or natural progression of my career but, a passionate growth to expand my knowledge and better care for my patients. I understand, that UAB will not only provide the highest education for myself, but give me the resources to expand and research the healthcare field as well.

As a new graduate nurse on a high intensity care unit, my knowledge has already grown substantially from the start of my nursing career; furthermore, I know I can apply my vast knowledge to my patients and their families in direct care. I have cared for patients in a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds allowing me to become more culturally competent. Therefore, I have developed vast medical knowledge spanning from acute care, burns, traumas, and medical surgical cases; additionally, I believe I would be a great candidate for the Family Nurse Practitioner program at UAB.

I possess a high sense of integrity, compassion, leadership, and excellence in my nursing career; thus, all of which, align with UAB’s School of Nursing’s core values. Throughout my career, I have participated in direct interprofessional care with a variety of care providers. As a new graduate nurse with less than a year experience, I am excited to learn and expand my knowledge to better my patients. Thus, I will bring an eager attitude and a fresh open mind to learn. I will always provide the highest quality of care for my patients and I know the University of Alabama at Birmingham will only provide me with the highest quality education.

Moreover, prior to graduating nursing school I participated in a nursing study abroad trip with the University of North Alabama in Guatemala. During my trip, I worked directly with a Family Nurse Practitioner to treat, assess, and educate the patients and families of all ages in our clinics. During our stay in Guatemala, I became passionate for caring and treating not only children and adults but families as a whole. I discovered the great need of quality education and care that society today still lacks not only in third world countries, but also in communities in the state of Alabama.

Coming from a small poverty-stricken hometown, quality healthcare and education is becoming a great need in my own community. By continuing my education as a Family Nurse Practitioner, it will allow me to not only better myself, but expand the knowledge and well-being of the people around me and in my community. Upon completion of my FNP, I will pursue a position in a local clinic to better serve and educate children, adolescents, adults, and the geriatric population. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I will strive to provide quality healthcare and education to my patients that would give them knowledge to change their world, such as, UAB has changed mine.

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