My Mom is my Hero

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Updated: Oct 20, 2021
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My Mom is my Hero essay

Simon Birch was a physically challenged preteen who’s always had a difficult time fitting in. He grew up with people laughing at him and being unkind to him, including his very own parents. But Joe, Simon’s best friend, and Rebecca, Joe’s mother gave him a sense of belonging by treating him like family. They laughed with him and not at him, but most importantly they loved him. I too, had trouble finding a sense of belonging. There was a time where I was made fun of because of the way I spoke. I was told that I sound “white.” I didn’t understand why the people I thought were my friends said I sounded “white.” So I asked them what do you mean and the said that I spoke like a white person, and they said white people are rich, and they are highly educated. Then I realized they were jealous of me. My “friends” assumed that I thought I was better than they were because I went to private school and it private school is very pricey. But, I didn’t let that bother me. I simply started going to a different church and met new people and hung out with friends from school that attended the same church. These people gave me a sense of belonging because they liked me for me and the way I spoke didn’t matter to them. They brought out a new side of me I never really paid attention to. I discovered that I had a good sense of humor and helping people is something I can’t not do. All of the positivity really made me more confident in myself.

Simon’s condition caused many burdens. He wasn’t able to run last fast as the other kids, he wasn’t as tall as other kids, and he gets bullied. His parents are a burden to him, and the fact that he killed his best friends mother. Kids who are different, like Simon, are very important to me. I wake up everyday not knowing what may happen because tomorrow is never guaranteed. I may one day wake up with a disease that causes paralysis, or heart failure, but that hasn’t happened. I am grateful everyday that I can still walk, that i can talk, and even move my fingers. These are things people struggle with everyday and I do my best to help these people because have the physical capability to do so. But it’s not only that it can also be about emotion and socializing. I know some friends that have problems socializing. They don’t do well in crowds and I’m there to help them. I talk to them about it and tell them to try new things hoping to help them open up. And this is my way of helping.

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Based on internet definitions, a hero is person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Heroes are strong, muscular, fearless, loved by everyone but their one enemy. Heroes are seen as people with capes flying in the air, racing at 700 miles per hour to help get people out a train that about to drop 300 ft. and land in the water. But, my definition is beyond that. I see a hero as anyone who is willing to help someone in their own time. Anyone who can make someone’s day with a simple smile is a hero. Simple acts of kindness like lending someone a pencil makes people heroes. And I think I am a hero to people for doing small things like that to help them. I am a hero because I saved them from not being able to do their work during the class period. I am a hero because I told them to try again and not give up. I am a hero because I am willing to take the call of action by doing what I thinks is right by helping others.

Everyday of my of my life I am told the same things by my hero. “Do good in school sweetheart, be nice, pay attention to your teacher, do your work, and take your time.” My mom is an influential women that has been there for me my whole life telling me to be grateful for the little thing in front of me, because I only get them once. She tells me to try and never give up, especially if I think I know I can do it. My mom grew up in Haiti which is a really poor country and she grew up learning that you don’t always get what you want but you get what you need. And that’s also something she tells me everyday. My mom is my mentor. She is my counselor. But most importantly she is my friend who I call hero on special occasions. 

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