Mobile Technology: Virtual Reality

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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How it works

Virtual reality

Computer-generated reality or VR reality is the latest user interface opposite to traditional one, indulging person into the 3D environment instead of watching in on any screen, this also makes individuals feel like they are physically in that environment likewise they can touch, see and hear that scene in reality. This work based on tricking the human mind to make them realize what they are feeling that’s real. Virtual Reality can be viewed as a very vivid encounter that you can appreciate securely and recreate something genuine.

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By utilizing a Virtual Reality headset or material application, you can go into exceptional reproductions. These recreations are intended to be amazingly vivid encounters that the client can connect with and investigate. The watcher controls nature and has the ability to glance around at any scene just as conceivably connect with the articles in the scene.

Working of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality utilizes computer technology to create a real-world environment. It recognized easily by HMD head-mounted display. Virtual reality’s major players include play stations (PSVR).

Application of VR reality

BBC Earth (Life in VR) – This is one of the best VR apps which allows us to experience nature in real-world based on VR concept. This app wins the google play app award. This application is perfect in its cartoonish animated view. The main focus of this app is on fauna round California coast, gives us microscopic level to explore organism into deep sea which we have never seen before including sperm whale getting closed to the gargantuan creature. It gives us a deep-sea experience which we never had in our life.

Augment reality

Augmented reality is also technology that expanded the physical world by utilizing the digital revolution. “The first conception of augmented reality occurred in a novel by Frank L Baum written in 1901 in which a set of electronic glasses mapped data onto people; it was called a “character marker”. Today, augmented reality is a real thing and not a science-fiction concept”. Augmented reality is a concept of real view, an actual physical world in which components are improved by computer-produced input. Input varies from sound to video, to illustrations to GPS overlays.

Types of AR

Marker-less AR

Marker-based AR

Projection-based AR

Superimposition AR

Working of AR

To demonstrate the relevant content to the user’s AR utilizes PC vision, concurrent limitation, mapping and tracking (sensor information ascertaining the separation to the articles). According to user’s vision it sends and proceeds data to display digital content. For example, soccer game application it shows virtual foot prints and its movements which showed the kicking to virtual soccer ball. Another example, Gatwick airport app this app helps the passengers at Gatwick airport to find their way to check-in and checkout. Inside Busiest airport of London 2000 beacons were installed. This application is utilise to find the way which is best invention of augmented reality. This application won best Mobile innovation of the year award at Real IT awards.

Application of AR

Ink hunter- Ink hunter in which we can choose any tattoo design and also where you want to add that tattoo. We can choose premade tattoo as well as design by our own style in this application. We can orient that tattoo by selecting its position. We can utilise the camera oh our phone to place the tattoo on the exact position where we want to place it. At the beginning this application holds only black and white tattoos but now with its latest features this app supports for colourful tattoos. This app is helpful for us to see the picture of tattoo before we draw it permanently.

AR bases apps used in industrial sector

· Arts and architecture

· Commerce and Office

· Industrial design

· Education

· Games, entertainment and sports

· Military

· Navigation


AR and VR are two sides of the same coin. You could consider Augmented Reality as VR with one foot in reality: Augmented Reality recreates fake articles in the genuine condition; Virtual Reality makes a fake domain to possess.

In Augmented Reality, the PC utilizes sensors and calculations to decide the position and direction of a camera. AR innovation at that point renders the 3D illustrations as they would show up from the perspective of the camera, superimposing the PC produced pictures over a cl ient’s perspective on this present reality.

In Virtual Reality, the PC utilizes comparative sensors and math. In any case, as opposed to finding a genuine camera inside a physical domain, the situation of the user’s eyes is situated inside the reproduced condition. In the event that the client’s head turns, the illustrations respond as needs be. Instead of compositing virtual items and a genuine scene, VR innovation makes a persuading, intelligent world for the client.







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