Middle Range Nursing Theory

The middle range theory in nursing has taken a tall order on most of the nurses in the industry today. It has even become more axiomatic that most of the current nurses tend to adopt the middle range theory. This theory gives a structure that encompasses two or more concepts that have been identified to be very significant in the nurse practice in health care (Robert, Samb, Marchal & Ridde, 2017).

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This theory is very important in that it brings out the actual development among the nurses in the industry by clearly advancing the spirit of utilizing the nursing science and newest technologies that are in constant change in the ever-transforming world.There are other theories that were also discussed in the class.

In comparison to the middle range theory, I believe the transcultural theory did not offer the best management practices in the nursing field. This notion is based on the fact that the theory is only pegged on the cultural aspects of the patients. The aspect of using the diverse cultures in the hospital setting may cause some form of bias in delivering care to the patients (Liehr & Smith, 2017).

This practice could then create some sense of mistrust by the stakeholders therein. Therefore, it would be significant to utilize a theory that offers a holistic approach to the care and treatment in the hospitals.Based on the two theories under study that are the middle range and the grand theories, it would be important to note that the middle range theory offers a better management skills in the nursing sector. This notion is because the middle range theories tend to be more concrete and solid as compared to the grand theories (Perera, Nace, Resnick & Greenspan, 2017).

The propositions and the concepts used by the middle range theories are more specific to exact type of care that should be offered by the nurse while in practice. On a biblical perspective, the middle range theory offers diverse and inclusive care that is in standards to the morals and ethics taught by the Christians.


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