Michael Jordan Biography


Michael Jordan was one of the best basketball players, a Olympic Athlete, Business person, and a Actor. And five words that describe him Very famous, a Legend, a championship, dominate, and league. I consider him as a person who really like basketball. A Lot. Just like me I really like sports.

Early Life

Born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in Wilmington, North Carolina. He was born with a competition problem He developed a competitive edge on a early age. He wanted to win every single game he played. When he was a freshman he was a member of The Tar Heels. When he started going the University of North Carolina. His average scoring was 28.2 points. He also led the U.S basketball team to Olympic gold medals in 1984. That one season for this efforts he received a NBA rookie of the year. In 1985, he finished the University of North Carolina and got his bachelor’s degree and continued playing basketball soon after that.

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When he finished his bachelor’s degree he continued playing. And in one season he scored more than 3,000 points and was the second player to score that much points in one season. In the source Wikipedia.com it said “”He played 15 seasons in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards””. He also won six NBA championships and The Most Valuable Player five times ! While his second season in game he was marred by a injury. And in 1989 he married Juanita Vanoy. Won his first NBA championship on 1990. Had three children(Two Boys and One Girl), One named Jeffrey, the other Marcus, and the last is Jasmine. But after 17 years of marriage, he divorced on December, 2006. really sad.


The reason I pick Michael Jordan is because he was one of the best Basketball players. He is very amazing at basketball that is the second reason I picked him, and now he is an former American basketball champion. Did you know Michael Jordan is 6 feet and 6 inches tall! Now he will be remembered as one of the amazing at basketball, a actor, a olympic athlete, and a business person.

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