Mexican Culture – Religion, Family, Language, and Mexican Arts

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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“In this article, everything is important to the Mexican culture such as religion, family, language, and Mexican arts. Most of Mexico is dependent on church. About 82% of Mexicans consider themselves as catholic. Unlike other countries, parents are treated with respect. The largest event that a Mexican family celebrate is the quinceanera. A quinceanera is the celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday and is followed by a party. Mexican arts usually consist of clay pottery and colorful baskets. The style of music that Mexico associate itself with is folk music.

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Artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera is a huge part to the Mexican culture.However, the U.S culture is way more complex than the Mexican culture.

Even though catholicism is the largest religion in the U.S, most Americans consider themselves christian. In the U.S the families are nuclear and smaller than usual. Unlike the Mexican culture, the U.S extended family does not live together. The extended family live far distances from their children and family. Americans have many holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Martin Luther King birthday, Christmas, and Thanksgiving day. In American every one is not treated the same. A hard working woman does not receive the same benefits as a hard working man. Although women work, they are still responsible for cooking cleaning and caring of the child. Another common thing in the U.S is the use of nicknames. There’s some things that you shouldn’t do in public like spit, discuss race and religion, and swear Despite the cultural differences of the U.S and Mexico, they are similar in a few ways.

They both rely heavily on religion and church. They value religion and much of American and Mexican culture blend together in certain places. They are both known for creating and selling some of the best movies. Both countries believe in the value of education, They teach most the same subjects and many of the clothes we wear are the same. It’s easier to transition the the American culture.”

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