Main Issues of Border Wall

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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  1. Wildlife travel in territorial or migratory cycles. If they “hit a wall”, they will adjust that cycle, just like they do for seasons, water supply, etc. We do not have to cater to them for their survival – they are genetically predisposed for adaptation.
  2. National sovereignty requires borders. Be it a wall or military presence, or neutral zone, they are found all over the world and for good cause.
  3. America IS the greatest, free-enterprise, people-oriented nation in the world. We are “attractive”.
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    We became that way through ardent principles of accepting people from all over the world with a legal process that demands national loyalty, contributing to common good, and securing our freedoms remain through a vetting process which ensures those principles. Open borders negate everything we depend on to remain attractive to those who wish to legitimize their oath and loyalty to the U.S.

  4. I am not happy that we went from “Mexico will pay for it” to “we shut down until America pays for it”. But, it does not negate the fact that we need it. I would rather spend the money, create jobs building it, and stop (or at least drastically curtail) the ease with which we are insultingly taken advantage of than squabble about prairie chickens, loss of land, or whether or not we the Constitutional obligation to protect America.
  5. There will always, and I mean always, be a bitter battle between the those who view this as an arbitrary, Americocentric, selfish act that flies in the face of globalism, multiculturalism and several other extreme-activist and those of us who want to remain sovereign, self-sustaining, patriotic, hard-working, keep-what-Ive-worked-for, type of Americans. The two mindsets standing on either side of this great divide will never overcome their differences until the former is hiding behind the latter’s coattails begging for clearer heads to prevail, and take up arms against the threat they refused to acknowledge until it was too late. At which time, we will do so, because that’s who we are. The realists in this campaign to protect our own…which includes those that cry out all the terrible attributes of our great nation under the shadow of Old Glory.

God Bless America, the home of free, the land of brave, open to all who would embrace and help prosper her and hold no ill-will toward her. Woe be to those who solicit our graces and yet seek our demise.

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