‘Lord of the Flies’ Themes, Symbols, and Literary Devices

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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William Golding’s best work, Lord of the Flies is a harsh tale about innocent boys stranded on an island that inevitably revert to savagery. Jack’s (main antagonist) tribe conquered every inch of soil on the island with their brutality, despite Ralph (main protagonist) and Piggy’s increasingly desperate attempts to halt this advance. Jack’s tribe, which uses violence and oppression of outsiders, represents a military force, in direct opposite of Ralph’s and Piggy’s civilized tribe which represents a stable government.

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The clash between both of these groups conveys the idea of conflict between civilization and savagery, and Jack’s emergence as victor shows how human beings instinctively revert to cruel and wild acts. The complex web of alliances and enemies were specifically chosen by Golding to illustrate his beliefs about us. Specifically, he illustrated the theme by utilizing the ways his characters interacted to convey human tendencies in regards to civilization.

Literary Devices in Lord of the Flies

Authority is portrayed as what binds civilization together, by Golding making his characters struggle to maintain such order and civilization. For instance, Roger decides to confirm if he can really execute violent actions by purposely attacking Percival and Henry at the Beach. Roger was never confronted because of this. If adults, the people the boys are wired to listen to are present, Roger would’ve known that there were limits and wouldn’t embark on a journey to evil. Jack also hates Piggy, which indirectly leads the latter to get collapsed by a falling boulder intentionally pushed by Roger. Without anything to stop them, these emotional boys become willing to exterminate nuisances in such cruel ways since the only thing they regard is their wellbeing. Ultimately, despite eventually fostering a robust and close relationship, Piggy is subject to Ralph’s bullying, as a way to garner attention from the other boys. Without the adults they feel restrict them, Ralph was able to fulfill his urge for the satisfaction attention and alienating someone brings. The boy’s want for mayhem and extremist ways to enjoy themselves and non-existent barriers eventually culminated in the demise of civilization on the island.

Furthermore, many the boys committed several atrocities before being rescued, and Ralph realizes everyone enjoys murder – savagery is inherently natural. Jack and his friends start their rampage with rituals every time a kill succeeds on a pig. This comes to show how immersed all the boys are that they connect it with the culture people inevitably develop. In addition, Ralph feels exhilarated when murdering things such as pigs and Simon. Ralph in particular is should not feel happy to murder someone that was the only one to do any good to him, and it isn’t fake feelings, so it is likely that instinct/evolution made is what made Ralph so elated. Finally and the strongest evidence is how he hallucinates how the beast is inside them, not something they can stab and hunt. The suggestion made is how what they should fear isn’t a beast, but their leaning to annihilate themselves. Golding’s clear want to make the characters do savage actions emphasizes how important this theme is – natural evil is what the plot is about!

Literary Techniques in Lord of the Flies

However, the most decisive theme is fear as it caused conflict between civilization and evil, and it was the root of all their issues. Percival is heard in one section repeating his name, address, and telephone number. Presumably, the want to not be alone and his parents teaching him to recite this info when lost. Plus, the desperation Percival has shows he’s going insane and suggests it is a manner of time before the other boys do too. Moreover, fear of the beast is causes Simon to be killed. Civilization is being ripped apart on the island as fear causes the boys to become too paranoid and do unreasonable actions without context. Definitively though, the fear which lurked in everyone after the Mulberry-Marked Boy mysteriously died under unknown circumstances was the most important. It caused the fear of the beast and use of this later led to the entire island being engulfed with rampant chaos. How gullible the boys are made them follow everything they were told and this was the very root for all the conflicts and issues that arise in the island.

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