Movie “Lord of the Flies” by Harry Hook

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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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If the movie is made based on the novel, there might be several differences that director made to specialize and make the movie unique. In the movie Lord of the Flies, Harry Hook made differences with novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding to magnify the hidden meaning or symbols in the novel. There are variances in entire storyline, character depict, and other small areas. On the other hand, there are similarities that director maintained from the novel. Now, I would like to compare and contrast the movie and novel of Lord of the Flies.

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There are many differences between novel and movie of Lord of the Flies. First, there are big differences between the opening storyline of the novel. In the beginning of the novel, the plane crashes on the island, meaning the scar on the Ralph’s human nature. But in the movie, the plane simply crashes into the ocean. Also, in the novel, all boys were scattered around and the story begins just with Ralph, then meeting Piggy and other boys. Whereas, in the movie, all the boys start the journey altogether with firstly found drown in the ocean. Another significant contrast was the reaction of boys against beast or the thing. In the movie, the beast was regarded as scary and strong thing that is threatening boys. However, in the book, the beast was shown as a snake like thing that eventually running away by itself. So, in the book, the beast was regarded as a strong being but not as much as an beast in the book. What is more, in the book, the Jack was chapter chorister who needed to become the chief but he didn’t elected as leader for the entire group. Whereas, in the movie, Ralph was voted in as chief with the conch no matter Jack was chapter chorister. There are differentiation in small part, such as, Ralph first sees the conch in novel while Piggy was in the movie. Before the discord within boys, in the novel, Ralph and Simon are the only ones working on the shelter, whereas all of the boys devoted to build shelters in the movie. In the book, it is Jack who notices Piggy’s glasses and asking it to use as a fire making. In the movie, Ralph had the idea. There are several contrast regarding character’s appearances and characteristics. In the book, Jack is depicted as red headed and freckled, while in the movie, he is blonde. Also, Jack was mad when he is not elected chief while in the movie Jack was calm when he is not elected. These alternation made by Harry Hook can change the big and small feeling towards the whole plot.

While there are a lot of differences between novel and movie of Lord of the Flies there are also similarities between the novel and movie. The biggest similarity along the story is that Simon is killed by the Jack and the boys when boys mistake Simon for the beast, which is important starting point that boys’ first murder. In both the book and movie, Jack get out from the tribe lead by Ralph. This is one of the important milestone of the discord around boys. After Jack get out from the group, he tempted boys that it is safe to follow him rather than Ralph. Even though, Harry Hook made variations for the story Lord of the Flies, the entire plot remains same.

To conclude, although Harry Hook made many differences for the movie Lord of the Flies from original novel, the plot compared to the book by William Golding remains constant. Likewise, there are many movies produced based on novel that was asked to make variations. However, even if there were distinctions from the book, brief story development be just the same.

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