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Updated: Mar 28, 2023
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The suitable plan from the learning was that health officials should form a clinical ethics that has unique parameters and a district focus. For unstable it is noted that the ethics concepts have respect for authority and should express in the individual law. Each of this observation. However, it is also noted that the law can be resolved at a clinical level. The second part learned was on the clinical ethics. Clinical ethics is defined as the methodology for considering the ethical implications of the technology used in the medical field.

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Tech policies, the treatment and the special attention given were to determine what needs to be done. The medical law: it is defined as an established enforcement of the social rules used to conduct or non-conduct. The also learned that any breaking of the standards might create or cause criminal or civil liability. Medical resist management is also another term used to take care of risk liability through institutional policies.

In most cases, many health care facilities have an in-house and an outdoor and every on-call medical trained medical professional. These people are made to help health care practitioners, the caregivers and the patients who have difficulties arising in the medical care. Some facilities have formal rules that guide ethical committees. In the case of a hospital setting, the ethics were used for consultation or as a review process as the pioneer for success in the medical health care. With the use of formulation, the accreditation of requirement was also considered in the new mechanism. The term ethics was also described as the end of and the begging of the law. There is moral consideration, whichis sued as the processor to development of legal rules for social orders. The ethics and the law share the same goal, which was meant to maintain the social good and to have symbiotic rules in the completely symbolic.

Evidence of learning:

The evidence of the student learning is their ability to understand and apply the laws and the ethics learned. After the interacted with the clinical officers, their attitude towards the clinical services changed. They are also able to apply the role of risk managers that is closely linked to the health facilities.

The students were even ready to take the role of a medical attorney because they learned the importance of this role to the patient. They also understood the difference between the law and the risk management. The risk management in question is largely guided by the legal parameters and has a broad mission to have a reduce liability

The personal areas of development will involve learning the risk issues and delivery of health. The development area should also cover ethics in the healthcare sectors. It is important to identify the falling within the clinical ethics domain that comes as the risk and legal concerns. To better have a significant understanding of all these health concepts, one must also interact with different authorities to be able to leaner what is required in the real practical aspects. The student’s self-development will also involve going out friendly to compare what they learn and what the practical aspects of their cause are.

This will help them have a good experience and understanding of what they are taking in class. Due to the above factors, students are encouraged to review their personal and professional development regularly to ensure that they reflect on the progress and the planed goals pertaining to their careers. To do this, they will have to engage a range of activities that will support their teams in their careers. This included in pre and post placement period it is important to understand that the student nurse should learn and do the activities needed to succeed in the field. It is there once responsibility to ensure that the personal efforts and personal profile in their careers are kept up to date.

The use of technology in the nursing profession

The learners also noticed that for better professional development, there is a need to increase the professional development in terms of information technology. The use of information technology in the nursing feels is very important simply because the students realized that they could use faster technology to save the patient’s life.

At the end of every semester, students resolved to have a project-based exam involves the use of technology. This time is allocated to ensure that they engage in the process of giving evidence of understand ability of the information technology integration. A tutorial will be given that provide the students with the opportunity to have a detailed discussion and receive feedback of the quality learning and concept applications.In simple terms, the students will have to show evidence of progress in relation to the professional achievement and requirements. This progress includes professional care taking, professional medical integration and professional information technology use in medical field. After achieving this, the will fully understand their course.

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