Just Mercy: the Clear Portrait of American Justice System

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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson is the clear portrait of American Justice system where some selected generation and selected category people are being deprived and being miss judge by the law enforcement authority. This dishonesty bug destroying lots of innocent life and pushing them into the uncertain black hole in their life. They are deprived of civil rights, begin deprived of right justice so on. In the book, the author discussed the racism, corruption in the justice system and abuse of the law to the wrong person.

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Mr. Bryan worked in southern prisoners defense fund (SPDC) and he also worked for Equal Justice Initiative (EJI).

When he was working in those organizations he found some unusual things. Yes about justice. He had to face some people who were innocent but still, they are counting day for death in the prison. What kind of miserable life that is and how they react he cannot forget the scene. Among then he pulls on the name in front of the viewers. Walter McMillian, is an innocent person. He was wrongfully convicted. I can remember what Mr. Bryan said about him “”Mr.Bryan, I know it may not matter to you, but it’s important to me that you know that I’m innocent and didn’t do what they said I did, not no kinda way””. The Author was explaining Walter’s voice “”His voice was level but laced with emotion””. (According to my eBook page no 61) How decent he was but Walter was not that much educated. His approach impressed the author. When driving back to his apartment he was thinking about him. Some other unfairness in the justice according to the author was Mr. Daniel who was mentally ill. This justice system also sentenced youth name, Kuntrell Jackson. Mr. Bryan feels them.

The author also talk about the people of color who had to face more difficulty and mostly listed for the death penalty. And the people who are in death row how they lead miserable life in the condemn cell. He also discussed about the false testimony, no or false evidence against convicted people that lead them to the death penalty. Then he took their responsibility on his hand and wanted to fight against all unfairness and faulty justice system. He didn’t have an office he did not have any money to run the office and had no employee. He was strong enough from inside and wanted to break the chain of discrimination. Not only this poor and black people but also the author himself was harassed by the police one time in front of his apartment. The Author also explained how the justice system works and how prisons a look like. How all inmates are being treated in the jail. He was explaining about the jail on his book. “”Condemned prisoners on Alabama’s death row unit are housed in windowless concrete buildings that are notoriously hot and uncomfortable.

Each death row inmate was placed in a five-by-eight-foot cell with a metal door, a commode, and a steel bunk””. (According to my eBook page 150). Mr. Bryan received a call from Mr.Walter. He was requesting Mr.Bryan to handle his case and Bryan tried to explain his current situation about his office then Walter hangs up. Then Walter called him back and requested him again because the lawyer assigned to Mr.walter refused to take care of his case anymore. Then Mr.Bryan had no power to refuse him again. He started to the investigation in the case again and started to talk with the so-called witnesses.

He wanted to crack the case and bring the right justice for the wrongly convicted man Mr.Waltar. Finally Mr.walter ablt to get his justice and Mr.Bryan help to to get it. Court agreed that the person was wrongly judged. In the end actually, this book is about justice for black people and poor people. The author taught us how to make the change and bring the revolution between all odd and bad things. How to fight for independent how to get civil establish right as a citizen, how human for a human. How wrongfully convicted people get rights, how a mentally ill person should be treated in the jail and how juvenile should be treated.

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