Jose Ramirez’s Painting Portrays the Social and Racial Problem in Today’s Society

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Jose Ramirez’s painting portrays the social and racial problem in today’s society that has existed since the beginning of our nation. Ramirez’s painting also depicts the significant importance that educators continue to possess in the lives of students as well as the flawed educational system in America. In his painting, Ramirez’s incorporates DIA DEL MAESTRO DAY OF THE TEACHER a celebration that takes part in both Mexico and the USA which, “honors educators for all the time and effort they put in shaping the knowledge of students” (CTA). He is expressing how teachers possess an immense influence on the lives of students by assisting them to succeed. Jose also incorporates the Association of Mexican American Educators an organization, “ that helps improve education for Mexican/Latino students as well as to provide support and training to Mexican/Latino educators” (AMAE). He is expressing the problems in today’s educational system, how its failing both our teachers and students. Ramirez is displaying how the system is failing our teachers by not giving them adequate pay for the hours and effort they put in students. He also displays the system failing students by not giving them education but a system.

In addition, Ramirez included Brown vs Board of Education a critical case in the educational field that declared separate schools for colored and Caucasian people is unconstitutional. Brown vs Board of Education represents a significant first step towards racial equality in the United States. Brown vs Board of Education promised education reform by providing the lawful means of challenging segregation by opening the doors of education to any students. The words that Ramirez incorporates in his painting send a message to today’s society that 50 years later since the promise of the landmark supreme court case Brown vs Board of Education happened in 1954 has not followed through. In his painting, Jose’s intent is to let the people grasp that attending school as a student today is like going to school during the 1950s. Today many schools are still racially segregated where people of color are being made to feel inferior to Caucasian people. Ramirez is expressing a bold valuable message that students of color are being disproportionately displanted and pushing them to drop out of college.

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Jose Ramirez wants to make it aware the educational system is making it about who is valuable and who is not, which is directly contrary to the brown promise. In his painting, Ramirez wants to remind the people that Brown vs Board of Education was never about sitting next to a white person it was about having access to the resources for a quality education. Jose Ramirez depicts the depressing reality how far but not far enough the United States has come to eliminating segregation and discrimination in the educational system and field. 50 years from the Brown vs Board of Education the plain fields are still uneven in the educational system.

On analyzing Jose Ramirez’s painting the SLO applied was “ analyze and evaluate the constructs of gender, race/ethnicity, and social class within the community.” The SLO was present through the analyzation of Jose Rameriz’s painting by unfolding the message Ramirez is portraying in his painting of the continuous discrimination and segregation in today’s society.

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