John is a Bright Character in the Story Brave New World

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Updated: Aug 27, 2022
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In the book the Brave New World many characters are identified or brought up in the story, but there’s one that stands out more than the rest John. His nickname that people give him is John the savage cause of the way he acts through the story . The reason John stands out more than the rest of the people is that he doesn’t act like them. Everyone acts a certain way depending on what group you’re in but with John he doesn’t go by that.

One of the personalities that John has is being aggressive most of the time. In this quote the author shows an example of that” The savage pushed her away with such force that she staggered and fell. John shouted GO standing over her” (Huxely,Pg131). This quote shows that John is an aggressive person as he pushes down Lenina and doesn’t feel bad for what he has done to her. People saying savage they already know who it is, since John is the only one that doesn’t follow the rules and doesn’t act right in the city. Another quote that shows this side of John is “ But instead of saying Darling and having his arms out he was throwing his hands around, like trying to scare an intruder”( Huxely pig,130). John is willing to fight someone that he knows but he doesn’t always act like this throughout the story. John normally welcomes people in open arms but after chapter 8 things started to turn around for him as something is bothering him. There are two sides of John as the aggressive side was shown.

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A other way that John is shown through the book is caring or worried about others. A prime exmaple of this would be “At Malapis, the savage was mumbling , You had to bring her the skin of a mountain loin- I mean, when you want to marry someone” ( Huxely Pg,127). In this quote shows that John is giving advice to someone as there are trying to get with someone but they dont know how. So john decided to help out and tell him what he is missing and how to get her attention even how to ask her to marry him. A other example of John being supportive is shown “ The bell rang and the savage who was impatiently hoping the Helmholtz would come that afternoon so he can talk about Lenina”( Huxely pg,127). As John was excited to see Helmholtz so he is able to talk to him about somehing he found out. What he found out wasnt bad though as it was good and was so excited to talk about it and talk good about Lenina. So John doesn have a caring side and also a aggressive side.

Overall John has many personality so you cqant expect to know how he is feeling one day and a other day. But thats whyt John stands out as he isnt like the rest of the people as he causes drama but is also helpful to others. 

John is a Bright Character in the Story Brave New World essay

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