John is a Bright Character in the Story Brave New World

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Updated: Aug 15, 2023
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In the book “Brave New World,” many characters are introduced, but one stands out more than the rest – John. He earned the nickname “John the Savage” due to his unusual behavior. The reason John stands out more than others is because he doesn’t conform to the norm. Everyone expresses a certain behavior according to their group, but John defies this.

One of the personality traits that John often displays is aggression. “The savage pushed her away with such force that she staggered and fell.

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John shouted ‘GO’ standing over her” (Huxley, Pg. 131). This quote paints John as an aggressive person who doesn’t regret his actions, even if they harm others, like Lenina in this instance. The term ‘savage’ is instantly linked to John since he fails to follow societal rules and norms. Another quote that highlights this side of John is, “But instead of saying ‘Darling’ and having his arms out, he was throwing his hands around like trying to scare an intruder” (Huxley, Pg. 130). John has a combative streak, ready to confront someone he knows, but he doesn’t consistently behave like this throughout the story. Generally, he is welcoming, but his demeanor changes drastically after Chapter 8 due to an unknown perturbation. Thus, we see two facets of John – one being aggressive.

On the other hand, John is depicted as a caring and considerate individual. A prime example is, “At Malpais, the savage was mumbling, ‘You had to bring her the skin of a mountain lion – I mean, when you want to marry someone'” (Huxley, Pg. 127). In this instance, John is advising someone on how to woo a woman. He provides guidance about attracting attention and proposing for marriage. Another example of John’s supportive nature is, “The bell rang and the savage, who was impatiently hoping that Helmholtz would come that afternoon so he can talk about Lenina” (Huxley, Pg. 127). Here, John is eager to share news about Lenina with Helmholtz. His excitement proves that what he discovered is not bad at all. Therefore, John exhibits both caring and aggressive sides.

Overall, John has multifaceted personality traits, so it is unpredictable to surmise his mood on any given day. However, this unpredictability puts him in the spotlight, for he challenges the normalcy, creates chaos, yet extends a helpful hand to others.

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