Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Over the years sexual orientation has been an issue in our world. This relates to people being gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender. Many people are not educated about the history of the LGBT community. The first homosexual(lgbt) movement was in Chicago 1924 by a man named Henry Gerber a german immigrant, and it took place during the first World War. I was born African American and I was born with adhd but i was not born gay. In fact nobody was born with a sexuality or with personality traits as a newborn.

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In order to know your sexual orientation you have the experience. You’re too young as a newborn to have a strong feelings or haven’t develop enough feelings towards people.

As a newborn your body is only exposed to little feelings not enough to know your sexual orientation. A baby’s brain is not fully developed to know anything other than what they learn and what they are taught. But even then the baby can only pay attention so much because their attention span is not that long. Now as you get older and smarter you learn how to express and control your feelings. Even as an adult it’s hard to pick and choose mix feelings about things.

Feelings also as humans do the wrong thing so it’s up to you to choose the right ones from the wrong. So as a baby how do you you know right from wrong,you don’t because you are a baby. How is one born gay or of the wrong gender is a hard question for most to answer. People are not born gay or of the wrong gender. Inborn gender identity(when you can freely choose your gender) is having brain scans. When transgender people are scanned they often show similar patterns with that of a the opposite sex. If a woman is constantly thinking about being a man, when her brain is scanned it would show some similarities that in which a man has. Changes in the brain are based on thoughts, experiences, and other information.

The longer one thinks about becoming a different gender other than the one they were given the more their brain start to think of the other gender. It’s only in one’s thoughts and those thoughts turn into feelings. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how we feel about ourselves, so who are we to feel about who are to judge somebody for changing who they are because they feel they were born the wrong gender. Who know what if they were born the wrong gender. What if God did make a mistake. But also some women didn’t choose to become transgender. Some of these women were born with male genitals and society gave them the name transgender because they were born with the wrong body part. A woman might have become exposed to testosterone during pregnancy to a medicine containing this hormone. Testosterone is male sex hormones, when a woman is pregnant the hormones will mix causing her baby to mutate just enough for it to change some or one part of their body from having too much testosterone. No doubt sexual orientation refers to an repeating pattern of emotional, romantic, and or sexual attractions to men, women, or both sexes.

Sexual orientation also refers to a person’s sense of identity based on those attractions to the opposite or same sex, related behaviors, and people in a society of others who share the same attractions. A large number of twin studies have attempted to assemble the relative importance of genetics and base in the determination of sexual orientation. In 1991 two people conducted a study of male twins recruited from homophile publications and found that 52 percent of monozygotic brothers and 22 percent of the dizygotic twins were in tune for homosexuality. indicates identical twins with the same sets of genes and stipulate fraternal twins where genes are mixed to an extent similar to that of non-twin siblings. (the twin study-wiki) The brain of straight people versus gay people work differently because of the way they think or have been thinking over the years that they have grown. Males who are gay brains act more feminine shown in brain patterns. Females who are lesbian act more masculine than females that act feminine and are lesbian. Studies at the Association for Psychological show that sexual orientation is based on and is a pattern of desire.

Sometimes it’s about what you choose and sometimes it’s about not choosing at all. Genetic tests would never result in 100% accurate identification of LGB individuals in or how they become gay,lesbian etc. The brain has everything to do with why people are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Your thoughts play a big role in it to. So the way you think can determine how you act and how you feel in life. It’s all in the works of the brain and the mind of thought of how you choose to live your life. The causes of a trait should not influence how we see a person sexuality. But the science of the history of lgbt community shows us that sexuality has a biological basis. That is simply how the person turned out in life. People tend to fall in love with men and women because of their sexual orientation not because of their choices. The fret is more about the upshot of choice or explanations, that come with some bad downfalls. So if one makes bad and unnatural choices someone is less likely to fall in love with that person.

There is a much bigger question to this world-wide issue. If sexual orientation isn’t determined at birth then when is it determined? At what age does one human decide whether they are sexually attracted to men and women? While there isn’t any real specific age that people determine their sexuality. Some people determine their sexuality as early as the sixth grade and as late as in their mid 40’s. By middle school, as they enter adolescence, many gay teens already recognize their sexual orientation, whether or not they have revealed it to anyone else. Those who didn’t realize they were gay at first often say that they always felt different from their friends and family , but didn’t know why. Gay teens sometimes feel different from their friends when straight people around them start talking about romantic feelings, relationships and sex. For them, it can feel like everyone is supposed to be straight.

They may feel like they have to pretend to feel things that they don’t in order to fit in with other people. Teens may feel they need to deny who they are or hide their sexual identity to make their straight friends happy. But on the inside they are not happy with who they trying to be. Some teenagers don’t even notice that their friends are homophobic. Not until the friend or friends say something that offends them in a hurtful way. For most gay people coming out takes courage. In certain situations, teens who are openly gay may risk facing more abuse and harassment than those who haven’t revealed their sexual orientation. But many lesbian, gay, and bisexual teens who come out to their friends and families are fully accepted by them and their communities. They feel comfortable and secure about being attracted to people of the same gender. In some recent surveys , teens who had come out reported feeling happier and less stressed than those who hadn’t. Many parents face their teen finding their sexuality with a mix of confusion and worry. They may feel completely unprepared for this next stage of parenthood. If their child is gay, it may or may not bring a whole new set of questions and concerns. Some are shocked to learn the truth always having thoughts their child was straight. Other parents wonder whether the news is actually true and whether their teen is sure if that it’s something they really want.

They might wonder if they did something to cause their child to be gay or to have them think that they’re gay but they shouldn’t.

There is no evidence that being gay is the result of the way that someone was raised in any type of household. Some parents feel distress, disappointed, or unable to accept their teen’s sexual orientation at first. The parents might be concerned or worried about whether their children will be bullied, mistreated, or harassed. They might feel protective, worrying that other people might judge or reject their child. Some also struggle to harmonize their teen’s sexual orientation with their spiritual or beliefs.

Sadly, some react with anger, hostility, or rejection. A good amount of parents of gay teens understand and are accepting from the beginning. They feel they have known all along, even before their child came out to them. They often feel relieved that their child chose to trust them and confide in them, and are proud of their child for having the courage to tell them about their sexuality. There are so many questions people have about sexual orientation that don’t have a ton of of answers or no answers at all. Parents who found out that their children are gay, bi, or trans often think that they have done something wrong, they think something that have done recently or in the past could have lead them to be gay. Some parents think their child is rebelling against them or trying to fit in with the kids. Parents who are straight and have been brought up in a society with a low level of understanding of homosexuality often have a very rigid time in coming to terms with news that our very valiant and honest children have gave us. But parents also backlash for having kids in the lgbt community. Some of them face losing friends,family and even jobs. Gay teens worry about whether they will be accepted or rejected by their loved ones, or whether people will feel upset, angry, or disappointed in them.

The fears of inequity, rejection, or violence, can have some teens who aren’t straight to keep their sexual orientation secret, even from friends and family who might just be supportive. It can take time for gay teens to process how they feel and to accept this aspect of their own identity before they reveal their sexual orientation to others. A few parents decide to tell a few accepting friends and family about their sexual orientation.

This is known as called coming out. Many lesbian, gay, and bisexual teens who come out to their friends and families are fully accepted by them and their society. They feel comfortable and secure about being attracted to people of the same gender. Teens who had come out reported feeling happier and less stressed than those who hadn’t come out.

Since birth doesn’t determine our sexual orientation what does determines it. A lot of thing can determine a person’s orientation. These things consist of age, feelings, society, experiences, peer pressure, and gender. Sexual orientation doesn’t have a specific age limit. Some people find out their sexuality early as eleven years old and late as 40 years old. Social expectations to gender influence how women and men behave and this includes their sexual behaviour,feelings and attitudes. The expectations tend to be based on the assumption that there are two different categories of people, men and women and that they behave differently based on their biological sex.

There is also an assumption in development policy and programming that gender is related to biological sex and that the receiver of development interventions are heterosexual. The assumption that the normal and natural sexual relationship basis for the family is a man and a woman in a heterosexual marriage. Gender is often talked about in terms of masculinity and femininity. Gender theorists have sought to expose the variety of gender expression and the way in which gender identities and forms are accorded different social value. Gendered sexuality and sexual orientation are complementary to each other. Sexual orientation refers to an individual’s sexual identity in relation to the gender which they are attracted to. Gendered sexuality refers to male and female genders’ assumptions of the normal straight person.

In past years sexual orientation was based on normal straight people in the sense that only a male and female where to be attracted to each other. However over the years homosexuality, bisexuals, intersex, transsexual, and transgender have been acknowledge and have shown us that being straight which was once believed to be the driving force between gender sexuality, is not. That it is gender roles, what one things as a normal female and male, is the driving force behind gender sexuality.

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