In Today’s Society, there are Different Ways in which a Person Can Obtain a Pet

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“The person can either go to a shelter to adopt a pet, or they can buy their pet from a breeder or pet store. Either of these places can a person obtain a pet, but one is better than the other. Pet stores and shelters use the money for different purposes, whether it is for a good or bad purpose. Shelters use the money to save the lives of other animals, and breeders use the money for profit.

One reason as to why adoption is better than buying from a breeder or pet store because it is cheaper. When a person adopts their pet, the cost of spray, first vaccinations, and even the microchipping is included in the price ( When the person obtains the pet from a breeder or pet store, all they receive is just the animal, so the person must get the vaccinations and the microchipping on their own ( The cost of obtaining microchipping from a veterinarian’s office would be ranging from $45-$60, unlike the shelter’s price of $20 for microchipping your animal. When it comes to adopting an animal, shelters can give discounts and sometimes give extra stuff to take with your animal, unlike breeders where they probably won’t offer a discount (

Another reason as to why adopting an animal from a shelter is better than obtaining the pet from a breeder is because the money you give to a shelter is being used for a good cause, while breeders just use this money for profit ( When people obtain a pet from a pet store, they are promoting a practice that is not suitable for the animals. This practice is mass producing the animals as if they were products instead of living things, and the breeder would ignore its basic needs. The animals can arrive in bad conditions, whether it could be an injury or malnutrition. Breeders mass produce the animals so that they can profit when selling the animals ( When it comes to the animal shelters, animals that are unwanted or abused are taken in and given the care they need. Shelters also do a background check on the person who is going to adopt the animal, so that they could know if the person is going to provide them a safe home and take care of them properly ( If a person adopts an animal from the shelter, the fees they are paying will go towards helping these animals in need of a place to stay and later be adopted by someone who wants to adopt a pet.

The final reason that adoption is better than getting the pet from a breeder or pet store is that you give animals a second chance and make more room for other animals. This is good because more animals can be saved from harsh conditions or simply being abandoned on the streets ( When people buy their pet from a breeder, they don’t accept a homeless pet into their home and instead support a business that involves mills, which is breeding these animals as fast as possible to obtain profit from sales. People that adopt animals end up saving lives and end up receiving a second chance. These homeless animals can give the same amount of love, if not, maybe even more than an animal from a breeder (

All in all, adopting animals is better than obtaining them from breeders or pet stores because you give an animal that has been abandoned or abused another chance to be in a comforting home. When one obtains the animal from a breeder or pet store, they are promoting cruel practices without even knowing about it. The costs of adopting the animal are usually cheaper than it is getting it from a breeder or pet store because in pet stores you get the animal and that’s it. Shelters use their money to save the lives of many animals and put them in shelters providing the care they need, and breeders use the money for profit. The cost of adopting an animal rather than buying from a store or breeder is way cheaper and they even give discounts if possible.”

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