Imagery in Macbeth

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In the tragedy Macbeth, which was written as the last of the four great tragedies, Shakespeare gives the most complete characterization of a person who consciously and invariably puts what expresses his own interests above the interests of those around him. The tragedy is based on the Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland by R. Holinshed.

Much of the images found in Macbeth’s speeches are solemn. Macbeth’s struggle is captured metaphorically in his monologue. First, he discusses the consequences of his crime: an image of a network appears in which one can catch the consequences of a murder, then images of earthly time and time after death. Murder, a blow with a dagger will not be the end of existence in this world. Fear of punishment cannot deter crime. Shakespeare talks about the idea of ??Christianity, the commandment “Thou shalt not kill.” Before Christianity, murder was common, then there was no idea of ??the resurrection of the dead, there was no pangs of conscience. “Rebel Dead” are those resurrected after death.

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On the eve of the battle, the protagonist compares his life with a withered, withered, yellow leaf. He is deprived of everything: honor, obedience, love, friends are not for him, he will receive only curses. Everything human perishes in Macbeth. So after meeting with witches, fear and remorse die in him. He is not afraid of anything. In the world of his images, a heroic motive also sounds. After killing Duncan, he speaks of the high chivalrous style. The images in tragedies create an anxious and mournful mood. The world of Shakespeare’s metaphors is full of different images. They contain the very assessment of the author, his ethical and aesthetic position.

Metaphorical images and symbols were repeated and changed throughout the work, creating a Shakespearean vision of the world.

Shakespeare’s metaphor is a tool with which he builds a work, conveys the meaning of the work. His images are a universal basis for reflection on the main idea of ??the tragedy, as well as its individual moments.

In the study of the use of metaphorical images in the tragedy “Macbeth”, the following conclusions can be drawn:

– the metaphors used by Shakespeare in the tragedy “Macbeth” help to reveal the psychological state of the characters, the traits of their characters, their life experience and worldview, allows to determine the connection of metaphors with the psychology of heroes;

– to reveal the images, Shakespeare uses different metaphors for each of the characters: for Macbeth – political, for Lady Macbeth and for Banquo – personal with a touch of a heroic motive.

The writer’s metaphor itself, by its very nature, is recognized only by a public person, for it has a social and social character, it brings people together and is an indispensable tool not only in writing a tragedy, but also in the upbringing and aesthetic education of individuality.


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