How Facebook Can Spread Without the Consent of Users Around the World

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Updated: May 02, 2022
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Can you believe that!!! According, to the federal trade commission over 143 million American Equifax users had their personal information stolen in 2017. Millions of Americans had their driver’s license numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses exposed to hackers including, date of birth, names, and Social Security numbers essentially offering a treasure of free data for scammers and identity thieves. Due to legal loopholes, Equifax had escaped punishment! For their lack of security for their customers. According to the new york times, Equifax, cannot be hit with heavy fines, at least for a first offense. Regarding the consumer financial protection bureau, they have little to no power! to impose penalties because it deals primarily with misleading information or products provided to consumers. Even if regulators pursue civil enforcement action against the company, Equifax executives are escaping all claims against them. According to the federal consumer financial protection bureau, Bank executives and directors can be suspended or removed from their positions for unsafe and unsound practices, but the credit bureaus are not subject to those regulations despite them being the masterminds of the entire scheme.

The data of millions of Facebook users had been taken without consent and has spread all over the internet to other malicious organizations on the dark web, according to the Washington post the data shared with Cambridge Analytica was taken via a personality quiz, called “thisisyourdigitallife,” that was initially approved by Facebook for research purposes. When asked by Wired magazine how confident he was that Facebook data had not gotten into the hands of Russian operatives or other hostile groups, Zuckerberg said, “I can’t say that. I hope that we will know that more certainly after we do an audit.”

Password weakness and willingness to release data Let us not blame the entire data breaching situation on evil companies who just want to steal your information for profit, but it’s our fault too! Passwords are the guardian to everything from email and managing an account to adding up to access to our PCs and cell phones. A study directed by Janrain found that over half of grown-ups utilize at least 5 passwords – and keeping in mind that it sounds like something to be thankful for, utilizing numerous passwords can cause issues. At the point when individuals are attempting to recollect a wide range of codes, they tend to go for the easiest thought. What’s at the highest point of the current year’s 25 most noticeably awful utilized passwords? ‘123456’ and ‘Secret word’. . We have Allowed the Google and Facebook of the world to monetize off us due to our lack of care for our privacy. We also believe it or not, don’t care about our privacy! we tend to just act like we do but don’t have any issues giving it up, a study conducted by m.i.t in 2014 researchers broke into two groups one being offered a simple slice of pizza to give up their friend’s email addresses and the other was not offered anything the group offered a slice of pizza was way more likely to give it up. 

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