“Harrison Bergeron” Creates a Society

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“In “Harrison Bergeron,” he creates a society, seemingly American, whose government has gone awry in its attempts to make everyone equal”(Carl Mowery). This story is a utopian story, which means everything is perfect and everything is the same. People couldn’t look better than others and were not allowed to be better at anything than others. Handicaps are given out so no individual is seen greater than equal. Everyone is different in their own ways and should be able to express their talents how they please.

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Giving people handicaps just so everyone can be the same? People need to be able to show off what they can do and not get punished for it if they use their talents in a good way. It seems like everytime someone did something good or just for the fun of it they got handicaps.

George Bergeron-harrison’’s dad and hazel’s partner. To undermine his physical force, George must have weights in his neck. George, an intelligent person, must also have the radio that forbids him from thinking deeply. The noises transmitted at twenty-second intervals by The radio interact with george’s natural inclination toward extreme thinking. Despite his contemplative nature, George is not courageous. He believes in obeying this police and avoiding dangers. He is also emotionally barren, urging his partner to leave her feeling and responding to his son’’s televised escapade by getting up from the room and grab for a beer.

“Most readers of “Harrison Bergeron” fasten on the first paragraph’s announcement that everybody was “equal every which way,” which piques interest since perceptive readers know that people, in fact, are unequal.”(Joseph Alvarez). Harrison Bergeron-this boy of George and Hazel Bergeron. Fourteen years old and seven feet long, Harrison appears to be the most sophisticated model that human species will make. He is a genius who is also absurdly powerful, a performer who will also get out of prison, and the self-proclaimed monarch. If Harrison will ’t succeed in overthrowing the regime, Vonnegut proposes, no one will. Harrison’’s murder on live TV implies that the last, greatest feeling of Americans has broken and there is no longer any possibility of escaping the forces of equality.

In this short story, agents of the Handicapper head and Diana Moon Glampers could mark Harrison Bergeron the criminal and revolutionary. Likewise, untalented, unintelligent people could more than understand Harrison Bergeron in the negative light and see him as a criminal and rebel. Overall, people’s knowledge of Harrison Bergeron depends on whether or not they sustain his attempts to get this administration. In April 2081, agents for the Handicapper chief brought Hazel and George Bergeron’s young boy Harrison off to jail for suspicion of attempting to overthrow the regime. These Bergeron’s are periodically bad because they can’t consider it for real long. George’s ideas are habitually interrupted by the transmitter in his ear that emits loud noises every 20 minutes; hazel’s ability restricts her brain to little bursts of thinking.

Hazel Bergeron in “ Harrison Bergeron ” is possibly not the most apparently significant role, when compared to the mental powers of George Bergeron, she does not let out. When comparing her to this big power that is Harrison, or the good woman of this ballerina, again, she does not let out. Nevertheless, Hazel stands for much more than any of those different preceding roles, yet Harrison himself. The time entails discovery technology and unknown ability. The brutal regulations of this administration causes the character, Harrison Bergeron, to go up with this risky idea to overthrow the regime which contributes to the violent behavior of the antagonist Diana Moon Glampers. He does this by removing his handicaps and dancing beautifully with a ballerina.

One April, 14-year-old Harrison Bergeron, the smart and muscular teen, is brought off from his parents, George and Hazel Bergeron, by the authorities. They are just aware of this disaster, as Hazel has “ normal ” power (the euphemism for stupidity) , and George has the disability radio installed by the authorities to regulate his above-average intelligence.

Everyone had handicaps, for example the ballerinas in the story couldn’t show their actual face, they had to wear masks to hide their beauty so nobody got jealous of how they looked. They also had to wear weights to weigh them down and prevent them from showing off their graceful dance moves. That way when people watched them dance they weren’t feeling bad that they couldn’t dance. “Dancers wore sandbags, great thinkers had severe electronic buzzers go off in their head on a schedule based on how bright they were, and so forth. Great accomplishments were sacrificed so everyone could be the same”.(Tracy L. Cross). People who have done something bad while using their talents should get at least a warning. The first time at least so they could fix the problem and learn from their mistakes, people make mistakes everyday. Some people learn from them some don’t, that is why they should at least be warned first.

Diana Moon Glampers, despite seeming in individual, presents the tyrannical regime and enforces the handicapping policies of the regime. It is noted early on the Hazel resembles Diana, and Hazel mentions improvements she could give to diana’s disability rules. She seems ruthless when she kills Harrison and his Empress without warning, and threatens these musicians with a same circumstances before the show is broken, leaving their next uncertain. (Khawaja, Zainab, July 14, 2011) . These citizens in“ Harrison Bergeron ” accept and disagree with the principles of the administration. In “ Harrison Bergeron ”, George and Hazel, harrison’s parents, concur with community because they don’t need it to stay like it was before yr 2081.

While learning vonnegut’s “ Harrison Bergeron ”, These main roles, George and Hazel Bergeron, parents to Harrison Bergeron, are pushed to remain highly specific in their knowledge. Whenever George tries to remember something that wanders from these governments ’ manner of thinking, he makes loud noises at his attention, which disturbs him from his train of thought. In Harrison Bergeron, the handicapped device was put at george’s attention at which every 20 seconds his thoughts were interrupted by disturbances that prevented concentration. In 1984, their word was manipulated to make it impossible to still believe rebellious ideas. At Harrison Bergeron, human nature was suppressed by being unable to show any sort of talent or arrogance.

It is easy to determine that Harrison Bergeron provides robust political and cultural critiques. Throughout the whole story it sounds like they are trying to make Harrison this bad guy, but honestly he is just like everyone else. He didn’t deserve to die just for simply dancing with a ballerina. He was trying to make a statement and show the government/Diana Moon that it is okay to be different and express who they are. The handicaps are unnecessary, they hold people back from expressing who they are and showing off what they are proud of.

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