Hamlet Vs Laertes: Different Paths of Action and Revenge

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Updated: Sep 03, 2023
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Scene i: Barnardo, Marcello, and Horatio are together after Fransisco exits, and they are discussing if a “thing” has reappeared. Horatio denies that a “thing” exists and wants to see it for himself to believe it. The ghost appears, and Horatio is ordered to speak to it because he is educated enough to speak to it. He asks the ghost questions, but the ghost leaves. Horatio claims that the ghost is wearing the same armor as the King, who challenged Norway in a battle and won land.

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Hamlet’s Calculated Pursuit of Vengeance

However, the King of Norway’s son wants revenge for his father’s death. The ghost comes back, but Marcellus tries to strike it with his weapon, so it leaves. The men realize that trying to hit the ghost is not the solution and want to consult Hamlet.

Scene ii: The King (Claudius) gives a speech about his brother’s death and announces that his sister-in-law is now the queen (Gertrude), meaning that they are married now. The King sends Cornelius and Voltemand to convince Norway to declare war. Laertes asks the King if he can leave for France and gets permission from his father (Polonius). Hamlet expresses his mourning because of his father’s death, and his mom says that all lives pass, and Claudius describes his sadness as unmanly. The queen and King express their discernment towards Hamlet going to Witternburg for education, and he obeys. They leave, and Hamlet is really sad about the situation with Gertrude marrying so soon after the death. Horatio and Hamlet discuss the ghost again, and Hamlet believes that the ghost brings bad news.

Scene iii: Laertes gives advice to Ophelia before he leaves. He warns her about Hamlet, and she warns him of doing the same things. Their father, Polonius, comes and gives Laertes advice about being true to himself. Polonius warns Ophelia about Hamlet and says that his vows are not meaningful. He tells her to part with Hamlet, and she respects his command.

Scene iv: Hamlet speaks to the ghost, and the ghost beckons to him somewhere. Hamlet’s friends warn him that the ghost might put him in a dangerous situation, but Hamlet insists. Horatio and Marcellus decide to follow Hamlet.

Scene v: The ghost explains that Hamlet must get revenge for him because he will suffer in flames if he is not served justice for his murder by Claudius. Hamlet (dad) wants Hamlet (son) to kill Claudius but lets his mom be. Hamlet tells his friends that there is a villain and makes them promise that they won’t tell anyone. Hamlet also warns his friends that he might start acting strangely.


One Significant Quotation: “O, that this too, too sullied flesh would melt, Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew.” I chose this quote because I think that this is a crucial part of characterizing Hamlet and how his actions will play out in the story. His depressing thoughts may cause him to do certain things that are hurtful or detrimental to himself.


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