Gun Control Regulations

For GUN CONTROL 7 instance, as stated by Bynum, Grommon & McCluskey (2013), almost one-quarter of the federal inmates categorized as drug criminals (amongst those charged after 1998) had as well received a charge involving guns. Firearms are involved in all operations of carceral state: the stop-and- frisk dragnet of New York was reasonable in the name to root out the illegally owned guns; and police employ the lethal force threat in justifying the arrest of millions of American residents as well as shooting of some Americans in the process. Proliferation of guns stems from the absence of genuine grassroots autonomous political mandate within the United States.

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Disarming America would require enhancing democracy, as well as disarming the cops outside of the extraordinary situations. Citizens should not arm themselves against an administration they do not fear its repression. The opposite is also true because a community, which does not brim with guns does not need armed police forces of course, in some nations, unarmed cops are the custom (Spitzer, 2017). Just like the only pathway to a nuclear-free globe is the negotiated disarmament between the nuclear powers, Americans can only expect a peaceful country if every side accepts to reduce their stockpiles. The violence culture, which prevails in America has partly been forged overseas through several years of imperial war. Managing an international empire encompasses not just the direct deployment of murderous amounts of ammunitions globally, but as well peddling the armaments to the allied armed forces. Throughout 2015 alone, the U.S. made 40.2 billion USD in the firearms transfer accords worldwide, most with the developing nations. What is more, unrevealed amounts of illicitly diverted but legitimately bought arms have become the preferred weapons among the criminal gangs in Central America and Mexico.

Stopping the violence would as well need giving GUN CONTROL 8 the poor communities economic authority: poverty is, of course, the indisputable background of the daily carnage, which damages many lives within the poor African American neighborhoods from Baltimore to Chicago (Bynum, Grommon & McCluskey, 2013). In the meantime, the violent crime specter which, as opposed to President Trump, has recently plummeted drives the ownership of guns across the board, motivating the vigilante murderers like George Zimmerman. The gun culture of America is merely gloomy, as several gun demises have been causes by suicide, the rates that have dramatically increased most recently. Disarmament might appear an overwhelming task, considering the American political opposition, as well as the fact that about 327 million-odd American residents own, amongst them, over 300 million firearms. However, it is exactly what the United States has to perform, systematically. Gun Possession The fundamental blocks have all the time been there to give us the freedom but as eras keep changing, reviews need to be done to decrease fierce crimes whereby obtaining of guns has been done illegally. Tougher laws on gun control are necessary at the federal and state levels so as to decrease gun violence. Big numbers of citizens happen to be private owners’ weapons that constitute handguns and shotguns. Eighty percent of firearms sold in the year 2012 were controlled by private residents (Rossi, 2017).The second amendment has highly facilitated the situation, in its support for controlling firearms, this was particularly intended for militias. Accounts indicate that citizens of America including the ones who are in ownership of guns, are supporting new laws in gun control. GUN CONTROL 9 Nevertheless, there are still people against the debate that owning firearms decreases crimes instead of increasing. Better enforcement of guns may result to lesser commitment of crime such as limiting the access of guns to higher risk individuals.

Although homicides will just account for up to forty percent of the entire deaths related to guns, nearly sixty percent of the deaths are usually suicides and a less percentage will account for deaths related to accidents. Records provide that guns owned privately tend to result to more killings. Studies have established that nations having tougher laws on gun control will have smaller instances of suicide and homicides unlike America (Luca, Poliquin & Malhotra, 2016). The program on gun locks intends to prevent gun theft that is approximated to go beyond half a million each year and at the same time control unplanned damages by children not accredited to avoid using them. Nevertheless it appears that dominance of unlocked guns are still high since the owners prefer having them freely available for their own self-defense (Haynes, 2016). This results to ineffectiveness of the program on gun lock hence disposing its environment to danger. Cases of fierce crime are increased by control of guns by regular citizens. Research indicate that majority of the prisoners sentenced of these violent crimes had been found to possess weapons lawfully while others unlawfully at the period of arrest. Measures of Gun Control: Unauthorized Users and the Illegal Gun Trafficking Different projects like project exile and project safe neighborhoods are getting almost three hundred and seventy five million capitals to enforce and prosecute the rule on firearms crimes as a means of gun control (Rossi, 2017). This not only resulted to a rise in the national firearm prosecution in America but also increased in majority of the local and state prosecution. Disarming of unlawful guns possessors and significantly networks of criminals that are usually GUN CONTROL 10 the major illegal guns owners is the policy which has been implemented. Although the US has not been able to embrace the policy, this is because of the strict laws in the country. Individuals are not willing to submit their ammunition and are still secured by the laws on gun control. Nevertheless, police have managed to disarm a substantial sum of gangs in America. This rule has worked in ensuring that there is safety in the streets for the people. It has also ensured peace to people whereby they can perform their roles orderly. The control measures on guns have been operational in restricting unlawful ownership of guns. But it was realized that when the measures expire, the outcomes are normally awful.

For instance, the 2004 case where the United States federal assault weapon ban resulted to large levels of increased gun related crimes and killings (Luca, Poliquin & Malhotra, 2016). The political prospect in the neighboring nations during that time raised the condition making the part played by political situations and politics clear in regard to the issues on gun control. The state needed to include political leaders to the gun control and gun smuggling issues and later on introduce policies that would last for longer times. United States requires to be responsible for the firearms that are found in the neighboring nations. It is important for the state to understand that they are ultimately accountable for the murder that happened in those nations. The police organizations in the United States are well known to recognizing that trafficking of guns is accountable for the fierce crimes that have been witnessed in countries such as Mexico. The firearms are usually trafficked through the boundary by drug smugglers who depend on straw buyers to perform the work on their behalf within the U.S. (Gius, 2018). Executives are mainly faced with additional duty of handling the guns that are being trafficked in the United States whereby their initial task was only ensuring there is restricted access to GUN CONTROL 11 firearms by the citizens. The most interesting thing is that the initial buyers for majority of the firearms may not be determined. In spite of the ICE and the ATF doubling their determinations to stop drug trafficking, they are faced with jurisdictional concerns. The state law controls attempt give balance between inhibiting some Individuals who have been considered irresponsible such as mentally unstable persons and ex-convicts and allowing law abiding people to own firearms. Sometimes juvenile and drug addicts are as well prohibited from purchasing of possessing guns (Spitzer, 2017). The controlling effort is usually a blend of the federal administrative law and the federal substantive criminal law. The Brady Law and Gun Dealers in Effective Gun Control The substantive criminal rule of the federal state clearly makes it an offense for non- eligible individuals as well as the ex-convicts to possess guns. The recently enacted Brady Law regulates weapons from one person to the other, as it bans fugitives from owning arms and when found in gun possession, it is punishable under the law. In addition, the federal guns licenses limit the selling of guns to the ex-convicts and non-eligible persons.

As such, the Brady Law has assisted in reducing the total of domestic crimes, which might have been caused by such people’s irresponsible actions (Gius, 2018). Naturally, when mentally unstable patients commit murder, this law would consider such patients innocent since they are mentally incapacitated. Individuals who were dishonorably from the armed forces as well as those who renounced their citizenship of America willingly are also not permitted to possess any guns. GUN CONTROL 12 These regulations are supported globally as they have assisted in the gun control act through averting wrong individuals from handling guns. As such, people who qualify to possess firearms must undergo waiting durations as CLEO performs thorough and comprehensive background checks on them in order to determine whether the aspiring gun holder has ever fallen into any non-eligible faction. When the purchasing is accepted, the new gun owner’s records must be destroyed under the law. This means that when these provisions are not adhered to, they are punishable criminal offenses through imprisonment or fines.

According to Charles (2018), the laws of gun control do not minimize crime rates; rather, gun possession does. Gun control regulations result in the decrease in murders resulting from the firearms. Generally, women are more susceptible as they are incapable of protecting themselves from intruders and stalkers; hence, it is worth noting that gun control regulations never bar individuals from acquiring firearms since they are capable of obtaining them from the illegal weapon dealers. In essence, gun control regulations permit the national government to have a lot of mandate and this might result in tyranny because gun control tends to invade privacy. Effective measures of gun control entail a close and precise scrutiny of the every licensed dealer’s practices by the law enforcement. As stated by Charles (2018), a big proportion of illegal gun ownership and trafficking have been associated with the licensed firearms dealers. The record keeping regulations of gun sale have been enforced in order to rule out any discrepancies, and these records are essential because they permit the cops to compare their firearms inventories with those of the licensed dealers. In addition, the law necessitates that licensed dealers keep the records for some time to ascertain liability and enable the police officers to easily identify the crime firearms, which might have been unlawfully sold previously GUN CONTROL 13 before the offense was committed. Furthermore, the state regulations allowing the inspection of the stores of licensed dealers regularly without any evidences that crimes have been committed are effective ways to monitor gun control. The inspectors might as well uncover law violations, which would have otherwise been missed.

In short, gun control regulations are intended to minimize violence and crimes through limiting the number of guns accessible to individuals who are usually at greater risks to commit violence and offenses. Nevertheless, some critics claim that the gun control regulations could raise crimes through minimizing their capability of defending themselves and through disarming the potential victims. Overall, there is an urgent necessity to regulate gun possession through the rule of law. There is an overall backing for the gun control regulations and the public adhere strongly to the rule of concealed guns to the level that those violating this law need to be punished. The efficiency of these gun control regulations is estimated by the level to which violence rates are minimized (Gius, 2018). As such, it is essential implementing the gun control rules strongly. Nevertheless, guns murder few individuals with those possessing them being at higher risk; hence, the efficiency of gun control regulations depends on these laws’ enforcement. GUN CONTROL 14


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