Gun Control in USA: Pros and Cons

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Updated: Mar 02, 2020
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So now let’s first see some arguments from the Pro gun-control side:

  1. More laws on gun-control could reduce casualties(Pro): By statistics we can say that this could be the case, but by some studies on weapon bans we can’t conclude if new laws on guns would be really that effective.
  2. A ban must be created on high capacity magazines(Pro): By a conclusion of an investigation, 31 out of the 62 mass shootings were caused by the use of high capacity gun magazines. This rate could drop by creating a ban on them.
  3. People rarely use guns for selfdefense (Pro): The average of 30 million violent crimes that have been committed between the years 2007 and 2011, a very small group of people (nearly 236 thousand) protected themselves with there fire arms.
  4. Civilians that obtain guns have a low chance to prevent crimes, but have a higher chance to create dangerous situations and cause more deaths (Pro): By an investigation, not even 1 of the mass shooting between the years 2007 and 2012 were stopped by civilians who were armed. This makes it clear enough to state that armed civilians don’t/can’t prevent the mass shootings, even if they obtain guns.

Now let’s see some of the Con gun-control arguments:

  1. The Constitution protects gun ownership(Con): The Second Amendment of the Constitutio protects the right of a (private) gun ownership, since the authorisation of the Bill of Rights in the year 1791.
  2. Harmful people already obtain guns(Con): In the year 2015, the United States reached a certain point, where there were more amount of guns in the country than the amounts of people. The statistics on the ownerships of these guns are mostly unreliable and unavailable, so it is impossible to know how many of these fire arms are legally owned and how many are illegally hold. When a person intents on doing harm and he/she wants to get a gun, they will either have one already, or will be able to easily get one.
  3. Education about fire-arms and gun safety is needed to prevent deaths; not more gun-control(Con): Almost all of the US gun owners truly believe that children should learn about gun safety. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people?. Citizens also need more gun education and screening on mental illnesses to prevent horrible actions.
  4. Actions on gun control are ineffective(Con): By creating a ban on high capacity magazines it will not necessarily decrease deaths, because of the fact that small magazines can also be changed in a matter of seconds.
  5. So as we now have seen the arguments of both sides, we can clearly state that the issue of gun-control is big and quite controversial. Most of the US citizens don’t want to give up their guns and their main reason is the second amendment. But this is the thing that makes it hard for the pro side, because of the fact, that it is the right of every citizen to obtain a gun.
  6. Finding solutions in this case is hard, but not impossible!
  7. Let’s take a look at some solutions that could reduce the gun-violence in America.
  8. Buying fire arms should be the same as buying a vehicle: The lawmakers could learn lessons from auto-safety. They could create more thorough requirements for owning fire arms. A policy that would be more effective, would be to require every buyer to obtain a (gun) license that should include registration of all of their purchases and also a training program.
  9. Pass laws that really have an effect: Not all of the gun laws are being equally created. The military rifles that are used almost al (mass) shootings may dominate the debate, but they apply for less than 5% of all deaths. Research in 2018, also found that strict fire arm laws in states, such as the background checks for all (private) sales and restrictions on numerous purchases, were identified with lower rates of gun deaths.
  10. Smart gun technology: Once, ex-president Barack Obama asked why we cant invert technology into guns, if we can already do it on our phones? Guns haven’t become smarter by time, even if it is possible. Even now there aren’t any (fully) smart guns on the market.
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