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The Gillette Company which was founded in 1901 is known for manufacturing and selling grooming products for men. The outstanding products include razors and blades primarily used for shaving. Apparently, disposable razors like sensor 3, sensor simple 3, Mach 3 sensitive among others are ranked as the highly purchased and used items of the company. Fusion5 pro glide men’s razor is the top-ranked item according to Important to note is that Gillette company is a subsidiary of Procter And Gamble Co which has been in existence since 1837 and recognized for dealing with a range of consumer goods like foods, beverage, and personal care products. In spite of Gillette disposal razors being prestigious and among the leading grooming products, its production and disposal dramatically impact the environment negatively thus, need to strengthen their environmental policy.

Stakeholders and ClientsGillette’s brand image is primarily associated with men between 18 and 34 years who have a high income and those with prestige. Notably, these may include typical single men who are interested in seeking female counterparts and need to make an impression as well as those who participate or are sports fans. For example, Gillette Fusion ProGlide brands itself as masculine and prestigious by using the slogan “the best a man can get.” Gillette products offer a stylish feel and look after being used, which further builds one’s confidence. Despite the fact that men constitute the primary market, women are also considered when it comes to hair and skin products. Procter and Gamble Co acquired Gillette in 2005 making it the majority or rather the only shareholder in the company.

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Positive and Negative Externalities

Externalities usually occur when either the production or consumption of a particular product causes destruction or injury to third parties. Importantly, persons that may be categorized as third parties include employee family members who indirectly benefit from the salaries earned through the sale of the disposable razors. On the other hand, the use and discarding of Gillette disposal razors impact the environment negatively. Ultimately, the disposable razors do not decompose, they are retained in the soil which affects its composition and in the long run, affects the quality of the foodstuffs grown. Besides, the natural resources are constrained as a result of heating them up to facilitate the making of razor handles and cartridges which make up the disposable razor.

Impact on Environment

Due to their nature, disposable razors are always thrown away after use finding their way into the environment. Ideally, these are made from plastics, which do not break down, and this implies that they will always be part of the environment thus, affecting it. Additionally, one of the processes that are used to make different components like razor handles, cartridges among others is energy intensive and ends up placing a very high demand on the existing natural resources. Razor manufacturing, therefore, is deemed unsustainable due to the massive impact it has on the entire ecological system. More so, a great deal of energy is required to heat up the steel needed for razor blades, which is obtained from the environment. Therefore, both the manufacturing and consumption processes of disposable razors to a great extent affect the environment.


In a nutshell, Gillette Company is a leading player in the grooming business having been in existence for over a century. Mainly, their products depict masculinity and also prestige and are intended to communicate a sense of style as well as a sense of sex appeal primarily to the female companions. Consequently, the brand focuses not only on having a reputation for high-quality products but also have value for money.

Furthermore, having identified a gap in regards to women’s products, the focus has been shifted towards manufacturing women’s shaving products to capture that growing market. Nevertheless, the production of some components like cartridges utilizes a lot of energy drawn from natural resources which negatively affect the environment. Ultimately, there is a need for Gillette Company to strongly come up with an environmental strategy to minimize the effects its business has on the environment.










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