Functionalism Theory in Adoption and Types of Adoption

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Sociological imagination is the nature of mind that enables one to comprehend “history and life story and the relations between the two-inside society”. It enables one to change starting with one point of view then onto the next considering an exhaustive perspective on the “socio-social framework”.

Adoption is the social, enthusiastic, and legitimate procedure in which youngsters who won’t be raised by their introduction to the world guardians turn out to be full and perpetual lawful individuals from another family while keeping up hereditary and mental associations with their introduction to the world family.

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Selection has numerous features and contacts individuals in various ways—contingent upon their job and point of view.

Adoption has been drilled since antiquated occasions anyway it wasn’t until 1851 that it started to wind up a lawful procedure. Different sorts of adoption exist today, for example,

  • Public Adoption: Foster care or social services.
  • Private Domestic Adoption: Arranged through non – profit agencies.
  • International Adoption: Adoption of child from other country.
  • Related Adoption: Adopting a relative.
  • Step-Parent Adoptions: Adoption of a spouse’s child.

Functionalism Theory in Adoption

This concept can better explain with the structural functionalist theory. This theory defines society as a whole unit. It is made up of interrelated parts that work together. There are three essential components in the adoption process; the adoptee, adoptive parents, and the birth parents. This is referred to as a triad. If one of these parts is not fulfilled, then the other parts are not fulfilled either.

Functionalism is clarified as far as capacity preformed, for example, the commitments made to society. With respect to family itself functionalism sees them to perform different principal capacities which have been distinguished as propagation, security, interact, guideline of social conduct, love and brotherhood, and the arrangement of economic wellbeing.

Functionalists look at how social structures and institutions help maintain social order. Each institution in society has it’s own specific function. Social problems cannot be solved at the individual level, they must be solved at the societal level. Social structures can have positive and negative consequences- functions or dysfunctions. Functionalists view the family unit as a construct that fulfils important functions and keep society running smoothly. Functionalists view the family as something necessary to keep society running smoothly by helping to adequately adjust its members. Functionalists view family as not only a social group, but as a social structure.

There were proposals in the investigation on adoption that young ladies might be further developed in communicating their sentiments than young men, fitting with other research indicating young ladies commonly show more enthusiastic knowledge than young men, conceivably because of sexual orientation typic passionate socialization by guardians. New parents in this manner may need to try additional endeavors with their children to take part in discussions about sentiments identified with appropriation.


This investigation opened my eyes to how discrimination, stratification and race ethnicity impact affect appropriation while I had commonly understood that these were factors in both the prevention and advancement of the reception procedure I had never truly thought about why. I understand that culture plays a standout amongst the most central jobs by the way one perspectives this procedure it additionally assumes a job in its interest. Individuals embrace for a wide range of reasons. Some can’t have kids themselves; some can have kids naturally yet received in any case. The two points of view above vary, however both take a gander at selection in extremely down to earth ways. The decision to embrace, anyway is an intensely passionate and groundbreaking choice.

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