Fantasy Book “The Alchemist”

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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The Alchemist is a fantasy book series that takes place in the twenty-first century in America. The first pages of the book introduce us to Josh and Sophia Newman who are twins. Josh works at a bookshop with Nick Flemming who is actually an immortal alchemist named Nicholas Flamel who is hiding from Dr. John Dee who is also immortal and who was once his apprentice. One day Dee finds Flamel and he takes his wife and the codex which is a magical book that has the power to resurrect a race of being known as the dark elders.

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During the battle Josh rips the final two pages out of the codex which renders it useless until he can find the two pages that Josh took. Flamel decides he is going to need help to get back the codex so he goes to get his friend Scatty who is an ancient warrior that is thousands of years old.

Once they recruited Scatty they decided to head to Hekate, an elder. Once they reached Hekate’s shadowrealm, which is like a pocket world which slowly drains all your energy, they met Hekate who can awaken magical powers in people and reveal auras, which are personality or destiny based. Flamel convinces Hekate to reveal the twins auras which were silver and gold, the two rarest auras ever. Flamel immediately remembered a part of the codex which stated that silver and gold twins would either save or destroy the world. Meanwhile, Perenelle who is Flamel’s wife contacted a ghost to send Flamel a warning that Dee and two of the last dark elders Morrigan and Baset were going to attack hekate’s shadowrealm to get the two last pages of the codex and kill everyone. Back at the shadow realm Flamel convinced Hekate to awaken Sophia and Josh. In the middle of the awakening Dee, Morrigan, and Baset arrive and light this giant tree on fire which gives Hekate her powers. Hekate leaves to try to save the tree while Sophia, Josh, Scatty, and Nicholas try to escape Hekate’s shadowrealm.

During the battle burning the tree was not doing anything to hekate, so Dee struck the tree with his sword Freezing it and killing Hekate along with it. With Hekate dead her shadow realm cannot sustain itself and it slowly falls apart. Josh, sophia, scatty, and Flamel steal Dee’s fancy hummer and decide to go Ojai to see the witch of Endor so Sophia can control her heightened senses and learn air magic to defend herself. While they drive Sophia’s heighten senses were killing her, literally. She could feel every fiber on her clothes, she saw every stitch on Josh’s clothes, she could Still taste the fruit from that morning, when she touched something she could feel every little detail, and when Sophia ate she nearly threw up from the explosion of flavors. Once they finally got to the witch of Endor Josh had to wait outside for some unknown reason. The witch of Endor decided to pass all her knowledge onto Sophia instantly teaching her air magic, how to regulate her senses, and all her memories. While Scatty and Flamel were watching Sophia, Josh soon realized that he was the last pure human in the group. Soon Josh sat down on a park bench to think his past two days over, then Dee showed up.

Dee sat down right by josh and started talking to him like a friend. Dee told Josh how Flamel actually stole the Codex and how he used it for personal gain. Then how Hekate and the Witch of Endor her outcasted from Danu Tails, an ancient elder city, for being criminals. Then Dee cast a spell on the fountain that hypnotized Josh to stay still while he dealt with Flamel, scatty, and Sophia. Dee decided to raised an entire cemetery to fight for him while they were fighting Josh snapped out of the hypnosis and decide to ram the hummer into Dee. This caused Dee to lose control of all the dead and give time for Scatty, Josh, Flamel, and Sophia could escape in a leygate, teleportation mirror, to get to Paris and teach Sophia fire magic. This is where the first book ends but still go out and read it if you like a good book, enjoy fantasy books, long series, or heavy lore books the The alchemist is a great book to read. The first book is about three hundred and seventy-nine pages long, with font size of twelve, and no pictures. The book for me would be an easy five f I did not skim the first part of the book which was stupid of me to do.

Some of my favorite parts of the book were how angry Dee was when he figured out that Josh ripped two pages out of the Codex which he had been trying to steal from Flamel for about five hundred years or when Flamel cast a spell that turns an object into its most natural state to create a wall of trees. One of the best parts in the book was when Sophia was being controlled by Pernelle who used her newly awakened powers for the first time in Hekate’s shadowrealm to attack some weird half human half animal creatures to turn them back to normal.

The worst parts were in the beginning. The first thing you read about is extremely odd if you do not know it takes place in modern day. Another stick in the mud, is that it takes a bit to get to the fun stuff but when it does the book goes from ok to awesome. I have read a bit of the second book and introductions are not this arthur’s thing. His writing is better when there are no limits to what the characters can do, for example in the opening of the book they are in a boring city where magic has to be done in secret, but when they are in Hekate’s shadowrealm the writer can do whatever he wants to do. The Alchemist a great book and you should definitely read it when you get the chance.

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