Exception Letter for Course Enrollment in Medical University

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Updated: Nov 15, 2019
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Exception Letter for Course Enrollment in Medical University essay

I am writing to you with all urgency and hope that my situation will be taken into consideration. Throughout this examination period I had to complete four examinations that I have been working hard for during the academic year and the examination period which was a very overwhelming year as both my parents have been through a very serious car accident which required my personal effort and time to assist them. I must say that during that hard time, studying was my safe zone as I could escape everything and just focus on getting one step closer to my dream job which is becoming a doctor.

When things were seemingly getting better with my parents and everything was going according to plan, I have got very ill during this past examination period which deprived me from attending two of my major exams. I kept trying to postpone them hoping that I would start feeling better and try my best to attend these examinations that I was/still am fully prepared for as I have been working hard for them for a year now. However, my physical situation did not get any better and I had to be placed on bed rest according to my doctor’s orders which unfortunately meant not being able to attend my exams. My ultimate goal as a future doctor is to deal with those who wake up feeling scared about what’s to come, performing our job and also being there for them as human beings so that they will be able to wake up the next day feeling hopeful. I have been a patient myself during the examination period and now I am asking for a second chance.

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According to the table presented in the ‘course registration and enrollment’ branch I can see that Histology examination is a prerequisite for the enrollment of Pathology I practice and lecture, Biochemistry examination is a prerequisite for the enrollment. With this being said, I ask you to consider my notebook accomplishments which reflect my knowledge throughout the year that was manifested via the given series quizzes or comprehensive chapter tests that were held during the year which covered the very same topics required for the final examinations. So? I have the courses completed which guarantees I was there to receive the information passed by the amazing professors and doctors of the Histology & Embryology, Biochemistry, Physiology departments, I excelled in the partial tests of all these departments but I simply did not get the actual chance to show my complete knowledge in the final examinations. I have invested an enormous effort throughout this year in these three subjects as I do for each and every subject offered by your faculty.

I ask this acknowledging your profound understanding of what we go through not just as medical students but as young people coping with an enormous variability of events in so many different aspects throughout these years especially these initial years where we are not just learning the material but also learning about our own abilities as students and developing our endurance to cope with seemingly hard situations mentally, physically and emotionally. Speaking for myself, I can only say that every day of the past two years has been educating as much as it has been informative for me as I not only have been granted the fascinating material provided by the several departments but my personality has been garnished by these distinctively elected professors and doctors that conveyed the material each in his or her own special way.

On the other hand, and understandably unrelated to your own assessment as the vice-dean for education in pre-clinical branches, I know for a fact that you understand we have other aspects of our lives other than taking part of this great journey of becoming doctors which you are flawlessly supervising. The unfortunate events have occurred to my family then my health status deterioration which uncontrollably have both directly and indirectly affected my performance as a student.

I would like to say that this path of studies I chose for my myself has kept my mind off of everything that was happening and kept me strong during this whole period. So during this summer especially, while completing my nursing summer practice, my realization of how much I want to be a doctor and take part of the health care system had enormously grown and with it did my dedication and motivation so please take my situation into consideration and allow me to peruse my dream by being enrolled in this course.

Here you don’t only teach me scientific subjects but you also teach me life lessons as I don’t just learn from my teacher but from everyone around me including you. Kindly give me get the chance to be enrolled in Pathology and for sure I won’t disappoint. I would understand why it would be an issue to be enrolled in Immunology course since it is a one-semester course and you wouldn’t want to add up to the examinations I already have by the end of this semester. I understand that you will be granting me a huge opportunity and a great exception but I am more than willing to prove to you that I am worthy of this exception and all I ask for it one semester to prove that, as we can agree that if I do not complete my missing exams by this examination period I will not be obliged to resume with the second part of this course. I would also like to let you know that I have collected all the presented material of pathological physiology integrated within the previous subjects we have learned and I compared it to the final examination questions of this year for pathophysiology and the rest I have prepared and read about so I have covered the basic information I need for this class and the rest will be left to undoubtedly amazing department that will fully equip me with the remaining information for the final examination in Spring 2018.

I have realized that the knowledge provided by these courses will be complementary to the knowledge I have gained throughout the previous two years of my studies as I have been waiting for so long to be exposed to the materials included in these topics. My urge and curiousness triggered me into trying and explore these fields of study by myself while studying for Anatomy, Histology, Biochemistry and Physiology. When I studied about the Thiamine in the vicinity of biochemistry class I couldn’t help but read about Wernicke Korsakoff syndrome, when I learn about the hypothalamus in the vicinity of Anatomy, knowing its location was not enough for me as I couldn’t help but to be intrigued to read more about hypothalamic dysfunction, Galactorrhea, Amenorrhea, panhypopituitarism.

Exception Letter for Degree in Pathophysiology

Since my childhood, I have had the desire to interact with other individuals and comprehend their ideas and experiences mainly because I had been exposed to the hospital settings as I was growing up. I have spent most of my life interacting with professionals in the medical sector thus having the chance to interact with most patients, thus gaining knowledge on how they are given treatment, their various problems and the manner in which they are cured and treated. Additionally, I have gained considerable insights by shadowing professionals in the medical settings. Ultimately, I have been able to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the medical career. I have been able to learn that most physicians take part in various relationships which include interactions with physicians, nurses, care-givers and nurses. Due to the kind of exposure that I have gone through in my life, I have developed an interest in studying Pathophysiology. Furthermore, Microbiology will be the main examination of this upcoming examination period, and as any other examination. It is unlikely that 100% of the students attempting the examination will pass it ,also since many students still have physiology too. By granting me this chance or proving myself in this semester, you are allowing me to be equal with the rest of the students of my year. This is only fair since it will indeed be a stressful situation for me as an individual but I will be privileged to be put in that stressful situation because being put under that pressure means that you believe in me and my abilities.

I want to negate any doubt you might have if I was granted the chance to attend this course since I am sure that it will not interfere with my studies. I am already enrolled in the offered elective course: Information Literacy, Law in Medicine, Pre clinical practice, Clinical practice, English for Plant Biologists, English for Plant Biologists.The application of pathophysiology motivates me in that it offers a number of considerations. First, it assists in the development of a credible command of the most recent knowledge in this field which is offered all over the world. Secondly, pathophysiology assists in offering information about research methodology and methods that are advanced. Thirdly, this course helps on to accumulate enough practical experience which helps in attaining significant breakthroughs in the various chosen fields.

I have cherished your institution greatly and I am sure that you have the capability to provide me with the knowledge that I require. Kindly consider my application and grant me the opportunity to gain knowledge in this field.

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