Evidence of Racial Discrimination against Women

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Updated: Feb 20, 2021
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If the biological sex is known as the sexual organs of the individual, which in turn comes in a large diversity in size and shape of these members and reduced by the general culture in three forms: male, female and bisexual. Gender is defined by the gender, or the role that society assigns to the biological organism of the individual. As gender-specific culture reduces gender and femininity and rejects bisexuals, it also recognizes only two forms of gender (men and women) and tries to divide and impose different human qualities on these two. Gender is simply a social concept that differs from biological sex. So, the discrimination against women is defined as exclusion, distinction or restriction based on sex, of which undermine the recognition of equality between women and men in fundamental freedoms and rights in various economic, cultural, political, civil and social fields. To expose women to many problems in different areas of life, and in this article. Elimination of Discrimination against Women’s and taking their rights through all branch’s life like voting in all elections and referendums. Participate in the formulation of government policy and fill public office. Participation in all non-governmental organizations and associations concerned with the public and political life of the State. To ensure the right of women to represent their Governments at the international level and to participate in the work of international organizations. To grant women equal rights with men to maintain or change their nationality and to grant them equal rights with men with regard to the nationality of their children.

The State has a set of tasks and procedures to prevent discrimination and the State’s methods of discrimination against women reflect the principle of equality between women and men in the legislation and constitution of States. Take appropriate measures to prohibit all forms of discrimination against women. To establish legal protection of women’s rights inequality with men. Refrain from any discriminatory practice against women. Take appropriate measures to abolish regulations and practices that constitute discrimination against women. Abolish all provisions of national penal laws that discriminate against women. To take all appropriate measures in various economic, cultural, political and social fields. To modify the cultural and social patterns of behavior of women and men to achieve the elimination of customary customs and all practices based on stereotyped roles of women and men. Take all appropriate measures to combat trafficking in women and exploitation of prostitution. Elimination of gender roles. Equality in education, giving women opportunities in scholarships and eliminating stereotypes about women and men at all levels of education. Equality of employment and labor rights, by ensuring equal rights to employment, ensuring freedom of choice of profession, right to training, guaranteeing the right to equal pay, guaranteeing equal rights to sickness, retirement and old age, preventing separation from pregnancy, marriage and giving leave Paid maternity, and child care facilities. Equal access to health care services, family planning services, and services for delivery, nutrition, and pregnancy during breastfeeding and pregnancy. Equality in economic and social life by guaranteeing their rights to family benefits, financial independence, and home, and to obtain bank loans and mortgages.

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There are many practices within the community of private institutions or individuals in the community whose main purpose is to establish the principles of separation in terms of gender and therefore there will be great challenges for women from these areas and to shed light on these practices against the other gender we see the following things: Equality in private life in family relations and marriage, where they have the same right to free choice of spouse, in respect of children, in terms of guardianship, custody, and reproduction. Evidence of racial discrimination against women the employers refused to employ married women in all sectors and enterprises, preferring their daughters, and that is why separating female employees when they marry or dispensing their services during pregnancy and childbirth. That racism against women, or the reduction of their role and their continuing suffering in achieving their full rights, remains and is rooted in most societies and among many different groups. Although many developed countries believe they have surpassed it by enacting modern civil laws guaranteeing the elimination of racism and ensuring fair treatment for women. This is at least apparent, but in fact, women still suffer even in the most advanced societies and are still faced with continuing challenges to eliminating the stereotype and inferiority to it. This is something that every woman has learned and acknowledges and has reached their leadership stages. For example, in the most open areas of women’s participation in the field of science and medicine, women continue to have a glass ceiling placed by the scientific community above them, and few women are able to crush that ceiling. Many scientists and researchers in the field of science in America admitted that at the beginning of their scientific career they had to publish their scientific research under their last family names, and the first character of their first names, so as not to indicate that they are women, because the rate of rejection of scientific research after scrutiny increases when the head of the scientific team a woman. But after their research reaches a world-class level, they begin to disclose their full names. Some may think I exaggerate, but the confessions of those signs are documented in several scientific journals. Those scientists who have been able to crush the glass ceiling demand that scientific research is considered abstract, free of racism against women. They also find that women’s access to a chair of a medical department means a double effort and long years of experience that can be up to twice the years of experience required of men, not to mention the large disparity in women’s pay to do the same work as their counterparts.

One of the very big problems that embody sex discrimination is the large differences between women and men in wages and what supports this point is Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan is equal pay (monthly salary) between men and women. The real problem is that this discrimination against women is not limited to men only but extends to women themselves. Many women may find themselves looking at a lack of trust. Women may fight women rather than stand by their gender and push them forward. Racism against women is certainly present in most societies and is similar to the underlying viral disease, whose symptoms vary according to the ability of strict laws to treat these symptoms, The lower the dose, the more severe the symptoms. We are very sensitive when we raise the issue of discrimination between males and females in societies, because many people link the issue of gender, often attributed to the West, and although the West has become part of our daily lives with its products and culture, However, we are still sensitive when raising issues of gender, because of the prevailing idea in the public,

Thus, many members of society see social roles, and we find that if a man is conscious and convinced of women’s rights and the importance of her participation in the burdens of the house, he shares it hidden and away from the eyes so as not to be ridiculed among members of his family.

It is strange that this social culture that links the work to the concept of masculinity and femininity, and the distribution of work by gender find supporters in the ranks of some women, for example: some women are convinced of the importance of encouraging the education of children and leave girls without education although the girl is to take over the education The boy later, and we find some mothers subjugate her daughters to her male children, so the male is distinguished in everything because he is a man, but it may reach the husband to the extent that cast all the household burdens, including the raising of children on the wife, find themselves – even after a period – it is not Able to hold and thus tumble Let him participate in a time that does not benefit him claim. This view of social roles has resulted in, and continues to result in, many types of gender-based violence against both females and males. Gender-based violence is the violence perpetrated by society against females because they are only females or against males because they are only males ; For example, when the family determines a certain educational stage in which the girl stands and does not extend and allows her brother to continue education, this is gender-based violence against the girl, and when some families receive all the responsibilities of the family and its problems and concerns and mistakes on the eldest child in the family without the rest of his brothers and sisters And to force him to be patient with injustice. This is also violence based on gender against the child. Although some males are exposed to gender-based violence, the female is more vulnerable to such violence, because the distinction between male and female is in favor of males most of the time. This entails different forms of violence that cause psychological, physical or Material because the female is only female. This phenomenon exists in our society and in traditional societies, although not on the surface, but almost without a home. The distinction between male and female in society leads to various forms of physical violence against females, such as beatings, marginalization, humiliation, Etc. Some men do not care about the violence that women suffer, and are thought to be far from its effects, while reality proves every day that gender-based violence has serious consequences for the family and society.!

Although the relationship between men and women has been introduced, the gender is still relatively recent though. Gender stereotypes and pervasive ideas about behavior, appearance, self-presentation and gender aspirations prevail. Stereotypes are linked to maintaining the gender roles generated by their role’s characteristics, but also affect their reproduction in subsequent generations. The study of gender stereotypes has influenced the creation of gender inequality, as well as gender-based sexual abuse, leading to numerous marches on gender equality and gender equality, as well as the feminization of women. Examples of the same gender stereotype include selection. Toys for children – girl dolls, dishes, boys, cars and robots. looking at the games of the younger kindergarten groups, noticing that the children are playing those that caught their attention, the girls are driving cars there, the boys are putting the dolls to sleep, but they will all be told to the games they need to play their own. Furthermore, women must be clean, elegant, and tidy, as well. In addition to the surrounding area, its path must be useful and connected to people (teachers, doctors, and secretaries), while level of the income of women does not exceed the male. For women, education is not important, and may not get it, just as sports does not play and politics. In relationships, the role of women is always useful, silent and in the shadow, obey what the man says. the main guidelines for women’s domestic activities are cooking, cleaning and childcare; it is possible to work and move to another place only when priority is achieved, and a whim is considered. Women love singing, dancing, art and do not like net games, cars and fishing. While always look good and smell and never get angry.

In conclusion, gender inequalities are a real problem in the world. Their size’s volume much increased, but many people still suffer the consequences of sex every day. There are many reasons that lead to the distinction between masculine and integer which is difficult to easily solve and there are many reasons for the trust in unequal gender being stopped. Then people will hope to live in a world full of justice regardless of sex. As we have seen above, women suffer from racial segregation, which are emphasized by the principle of the threefold punishment, first by overcoming the obstacles to their entry into science and education, and secondly by the psychological consequences of continuous perceived discrimination – limited hopes – and the third by actual discrimination during life in the allocation of opportunities and rewards.


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