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Many people may not have heard of Alice Walker. She was a writer that wrote several books during the revolutionary era inspiring many women to lead in their own lives. Alice Walker had a big impact on the revolutionary era, she used a lot of her personal experiences through out her books, but most of all her book “The Color Purple’ had a great impact on the literary world.

The way that Alice impacted the revolutionary era is that she gave women a voice and showed that it was okay for women to stand for themselves and what is right. She was encouraged by her teachers to keep reaching for the world she believed was there. Walker made sure that she had her mother’s permission before she started writing. When she was in college at Spelman College she got involved in the burgeoning Civil Rights movement.

You can find that Walker used her personal experiences throughout many of her books. She portrays herself through some of the characters in her books. In her book “The Color Purple” she shows how gender discrimination can influence a woman into misery and it shows how is affects their personal lives. Walker also showed her parents lives through some of her characters in this book about the racism that they went through while she was growing up.

Alice impacted the literary world with her book the “The Color Purple” by proving that women can write just as well as men can. She shown the light on a topic not many chose to write about. She brought it out into the open and became a role model for women just like her and that are going through some of the same things she went through.

In Conclusion Alice Walker is a great role model for all women to follow. She inspires women to make a goal and reach it no matter how hard things will get. She shows every through her writing from her poetry to her novels that if you put your mind to it you can succeed.

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