Ellen Degeneres as an Example of Kindness

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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Ellen DeGeneres is my favorite leader because she truly is an inspiration. She is a comedian, actress, writer, and producer. She also has a TV show called The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she interviews people, gives prizes, and talks about real-life issues. Throughout the years, she has won numerous awards, supported many charities, and has become an activist and role model to thousands.

Ellen DeGeneres possesses many traits that make her an effective leader. Specifically, her personality plays a significant role.

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Ellen is profoundly kind. In every episode, she gives back, whether it’s something as small as giving her audience gift cards or donating $10,000 to a family in need. She supports over forty-four charities and contributes to many organizations. Additionally, Ellen is wise. On her show, she discusses real-life issues that can be controversial. Nevertheless, she projects such issues in a manner where she won’t receive harsh criticism. In fact, her goal is to educate society and inspire her viewers to make a positive change. Moreover, Ellen’s determination and persistence have led her to become the inspiration she is today. When she opened up about her sexuality to the world, she faced intense criticism. It got to the point where she had to cancel her series. However, Ellen never gave up. She was brave enough to move forward and continue her goals. Her accomplishment encouraged many of her viewers to be courageous and overcome their fears. Furthermore, she became a leader in the LGBT community.

Unlike most leaders, Ellen does not use authority to control others; instead, she uses her power to influence others. Ellen is considered an extrovert. She connects with people on a personal level using her confidence, creativity, and sociability. Due to such traits, she is loved by many and attracts people everywhere she goes. Ellen’s belief in equality is also an integral part of her leadership. Her main goal is to make the world a happier, better place, and she has made many efforts to accomplish this. For example, she constantly educates about animal rights, anti-bullying, and cancer awareness. Besides, she always ends her show with a reminder to “be kind to one another”. She speaks to everyone about the positivity that can come from a small act of kindness.

Ellen’s diligence and integrity have also earned her many awards, such as the People’s Choice Award, Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women, TIME magazine, and others. Her success continues to grow, but she remains humble. Ellen DeGeneres is a selfless woman from whom everyone can learn. She is driven not by the desire to be rich or famous but by her beliefs. For such reasons, she will continue to advocate for action to make the world a better place using her humor and leadership traits.

Ellen DeGeneres’s personality and traits show that she exhibits people-oriented leader behaviors. She focuses more on educating and spreading kindness than on controlling others or ensuring performance standards are met. Because of her people-oriented approach, she is considered a democratic leader. She genuinely cares about people and demonstrates her concern through the way she motivates others to improve. She uses their actions and behavior to help her make decisions and plan her next steps. In fact, she actively supports people by providing guidance on issues and helping them make decisions on how to prevent or minimize such problems.

Another leadership behavior that Ellen exemplifies is employee-oriented behavior. She prioritizes meeting her employees’ needs rather than intensely focusing on the show or adopting micromanagement strategies. Ellen also exhibits a structured consideration in her behavior, believing in equality and treating everyone the same. Moreover, she encourages others to contribute and updates them regarding any changes that may occur.

Ellen DeGeneres is a servant leader. As previously stated, her focus is on helping people and trying to improve their situations. She achieves this through philanthropy and by educating people on how to create a better world through kindness. Her empathy is evident when she helps those in need. For instance, she once gifted a car to a struggling family to help get their children to school and themselves to work on time. Small acts like these highlight her genuine care for people and her commitment to making lives easier and better.

Furthermore, Ellen exhibits traits of authentic leadership. She is genuine and authentic in her call for kindness. Her behavior in motivating us to improve demonstrates her values. For such reasons, people, including myself, feel a connection with her and build relationships of trust. Her consistency and compassion in teaching others to make the world a better place inspire others to follow suit. Additionally, she is not afraid to be herself, as we see through her humor and her bravery in being the first woman in the industry to openly talk about her sexuality.

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