Effects of Cyberbullying Experience

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Have you ever experience cyberbullying before ? It’s not one of the best things to go through. Cyberbullying happens all over the planet. From China to Africa. Nobody knows exactly why it happens but it does unfortunately. Behind cyberbullying people get hurt. Nobody enjoys this of course.

Bullying is the “Use of superior strength or influence to intimidate someone, typically into doing something he or she wants the person to do. No matter the age or race everyone gets bullied for something. There different variations of bullying like verbally or physically. Verbal bullying is using words to harm someone. Like speaking bad or threatening someone, and physical bullying is the act of using your hands to fight someone. There is even a different type of bullying called cyberbullying.

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Cyberbullying is “the use of technology to electronically communicate with someone to bully the person by sending someone a message in a intimidating or threatening nature. Cyberbullying can dilapidated someone’s life to the point where their always sad and miserable. It can get to the point where a kid is mentally scarred and might attempt to commit suicide or harm someone else.

The question is why people of all ages bully other people. Maybe they don’t know their making a huge impact? Maybe they think their funny? To be honest it start at home, their family problems intertwined with what’s going on in school caused them to be aggressive with other students. Some bullies also may be getting bullied themselves. People that get bullied at home come to other people and bully them. Another reason might be they just don’t care. They live to bully others . Why? Maybe it’s a reason behind that. Something could be bothering them as well. But that is no excuse to bully someone else. Cyberbullies bully behind a computer or social media in general. They are not able to bully someone face to face so they prefer the internet.

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How would i fix bullying. First, i would start with a counseling program for the bullies. Talking things out would help tons of people. Anything that is on their mind i would help them talk it out so they won’t bully other students. With counseling you can save somebody else life. The bullies would be mad about something and come to school to bully somebody else. Instead of being mad about something and taking their anger out on the next person. The counseling is there for them to talk things out and their problems. Then they wouldn’t be as mad. Then everyone’s day is beautiful and not going bad.

In conclusion, there are always ways to fix or eliminate a problem going on in the bully or the victims life. You should always want to help people in a good or bad situation. No one should loss their life or cause someone else to loss theirs too. Always get help if your in danger or feel unhappy.

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